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Got an Amazon Gift Card? Buy a Dash Cam!

Got an Amazon Gift Card? Buy a Dash Cam!

Got an Amazon gift card sitting in your purse or hiding underneath the mountain of papers in your cluttered junk drawer? It’s time to go shopping! No, we’re not talking about that ginormous inflatable green dinosaur, we’re talking about a dash cam!

You can easily find dash cams as cheap as $50 on Amazon’s Bestseller list, but can they be trusted? While dash cams are not considered a huge investment, your vehicle is and ensuring its safety whether parked or on the road is a serious task - that’s why it’s always better to buy from authorized dealers and trusted brands, like BlackboxMyCar.

But we know how much everyone loves Amazon, and we also know you really, really want to use that gift card towards a new dash cam - so, what are you waiting for? Head on over to the BlackboxMyCar store on Amazon?

Now comes the million-dollar question: Amazon store vs. - which will get you a better deal?

Well, it depends, and it has nothing to do with Amazon Prime shipping.

Say, you want to buy the 4K dash cam by BlackVue, the DR900S-2CH.

At the time of this writing, the BlackVue DR900S-2CH is priced at $499.99 on, and it gives you the front and rear cameras, a 32GB microSD card and the Power Magic Pro hardwiring kit. You can pick up the same setup from the BlackboxMyCar Amazon store at the same price, but with a smaller 16GB microSD card.

So, just going by price alone, it’s difficult to say which one gets you a better deal. Now, let’s to look at the other benefits you get from each place.

Benefits of buying from BlackboxMyCar on Amazon

We are talking about Amazon here, the biggest online retailer, so there has to be some benefits shopping with them.

1. Use gift cards to pay for purchase

If you have any Amazon gift cards or credits lying around, you can use them towards paying for your dash cam instead of putting the entire purchase onto your credit card.

2. Send dash cam as a gift using the Gift Option

If you’re planning on sending a dash cam to your nephew or cousin across the continent, you can take advantage of Amazon’s This is a gift option. When selected, Amazon will allow you to add a free personalized gift message with the parcel. Amazon will also make sure no pricing information is sent along to your gift recipient.

3. Rebate or fundraising programs

If you are using Flipgive, Rakuten or other rebate or fundraising programs, your purchase on Amazon may earn you a few dollars.

Benefits of buying buying directly on

But, because is our own domain, there are benefits that we can offer you on our website and not anywhere else.

1. Web-exclusive promotion specials

All of the promotional specials you see on our website and newsletters are web-exclusive. That means the discounts and coupon codes that you received from us in your inbox is only applicable on your purchase on our website.

2. Freebies and bonuses

We love dash cams and whenever a new product makes a landing on our shelves, we love to share our excitement by throwing in freebies and bonuses. For example, the much-anticipated Thinkware U1000 is scheduled to arrive in less than a couple week’s time and we are offering $149 worth of bonuses that is exclusive to pre-orders on our website.

3. Mix-and-match options

You get more flexibility when shopping on our website. Say you need a larger memory card, an external battery pack, a filter for your camera lens and an extended warranty for your new dash cam, you can pick and choose the additional add-ons you need and we will package them in one convenient shipping parcel - no need to shop around or wait around for multiple deliveries.

4. Easy financing options

Premium dash cams come with a heavier price tag and paying for it in one transaction may be out of many’s budget. That's why we have partnered with Affirm to offer easy monthly installments on our website. Every drive deserves the protection of a dash cam, so if budget is the one thing that’s keeping you from getting the dash cam you want, perhaps we can help!

5. Real-time customer support via phone and Live Chat

Need help with your new dash cam? Want a second opinion on which dash cam fits your needs but not feeling typing out an email? Call us or Live Chat us for real-time assistance!

What about the faster-than-the-speed-of-light shipping that Amazon Prime offers? Perhaps you haven’t heard about our Rocket-Fast 1-3 Day Shipping. So, after all’s said and done, you’re getting about the same delivery time at the same price - Free!

But in all fairness, it doesn’t matter if you’re buying a dash cam from our website or our Amazon store, one thing’s for sure, you’re getting a quality product backed by our reliable customer service and customer happiness guarantee. But if you have Amazon gift cards lying around, the best way to use them is to get a dash cam. Because quite honestly, no one needs that ginormous inflatable green dinosaur, no one!

Until next time, Happy Dash Cam-Shopping!

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