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5 Ways the BlackboxMyCar 10” S-Drive Display Can Modernize Your Everyday Life - - BlackboxMyCar

5 Ways the BlackboxMyCar 10” S-Drive Display Can Modernize Your Everyday Life

Nowadays, almost all newly-released car models come standard with an infotainment system – some even with a built-in dash cam! Usually a touchscreen display is a built-in system located in the central console of the car that controls both entertainment and utilitarian functions. You can see this in all top-of-the-line and luxury car models.

However, this isn’t the reality for most drivers on the road, trying to make the most of the older vehicles they have. That’s why one of North America’s largest car electronics suppliers, BlackboxMyCar, is bringing an all-in-one entertainment and connectivity solution that works similar (or even better) than other built-in car information systems – the BlackboxMyCar S-Drive, ensuring no drivers are left behind. In this blog, we’ll tell you more about this innovative device and share how it can modernize your life.

1. You get a sleek and stylish touchscreen display, regardless of your car model.

Whether you drive a vintage classic or an SUV for the whole family, the BlackboxMyCar S-Drive Display adds a touch of luxury to any car. Its 10-inch HD touchscreen display stands out as a modern addition that also blends with the interiors of your vehicle!

Best of all, there's no need to worry about compatibility. As long as your vehicle has a cigarette lighter adapter and a dashboard where you can mount your unit, you’re good to go!

2. You get a security camera – front, and rear.

Driving safety lies in the DNA of BlackboxMyCar – from dash cams, radar detectors, and more! We’re proud to implement this in the
S-Drive Display, thanks to its built-in Full HD 1080P dash cam and an optional rear backup camera that’s included in every package!

This extensive monitoring guarantees you're protected from all angles while you maneuver busy streets or tight parking areas. That means more peace of mind for new drivers, families on school runs, and friends on weekend getaways!

3. You get an instant in-car entertainment experience.

With the BlackboxMyCar S-Drive's in-car entertainment experience, boring commutes can be transformed into fun-filled adventures. When you're stuck in rush hour traffic or trying to keep the kids amused on a lengthy out-of-town trip, the 10-inch HD display can transform into an instant music or movie entertainment hub!

Stream your favourite music wirelessly with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, tune in with the built-in FM transmitter, or quickly connect by Bluetooth and AUX! No more dead air or hassle in finding stuff to entertain your passengers, or to keep you awake!

And yes, it’s instant! Similar to modern Carplay systems, the S-Drive will connect with your phone automatically once paired and turned on, providing a fully seamless connection,

4. Your mobile contacts and apps, right on the Display.

What do you think of having the convenience of your smartphone at your fingertips, but without the distractions? A must-have in today’s busy world right?

The good news is, the BlackboxMyCar S-Drive interacts smoothly with your mobile contacts and apps, giving you quick access to essential communication while maintaining safety – perfect for professionals on the move! Now, you can manage calls, messages, and navigation with ease, all from a driver-friendly interface that allows you to be present virtually, while keeping your eyes on the road. Don’t forget it's Voice Controls for hands-free functionality!

5. Your all-in-one, pre-setup entertainment device.

Finally, say goodbye to the headaches of multiple installations and difficult configurations. The BlackboxMyCar S-Drive is your all-in-one connectivity and entertainment solution, pre-configured and ready to use for your music, movie, and other entertainment demands.

Thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto downloading apps on the S-Drive is no longer necessary. That means the entertainment apps on your smartphone (Android or iPhone) will automatically show up once you pair them with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, enabling you to see all the content of your phone on the 10-inch touchscreen, in real-time.

Plus, through Screen Mirroring functions, with Apple Airplay, or Android Screen Mirroring, anything displayed on your phone can be cast to the S-Drive in real time.

From Spotify music, to TV series on Netflix, you can now enjoy them all while on the road on the S-Drive.

Modernize Your Life with the BlackboxMyCar S-Drive Display!

The BlackboxMyCar S-Drive 10-inch Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto Display reinvents driving in today’s hectic world. Whether you want a sleek touchscreen, better car security through dual cameras, instant in-car entertainment, seamless smartphone integration, or simply an all-in-one, pre-setup device, the S-Drive is within your reach. Shop yours now, only here at BlackboxMyCar!

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