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How to get a 64GB+ MicroSD to work with Macs (Mac OSX, 10.10, Yosemite)

Many of our customers are Mac users, and a large portion of them want to use larger MicroSD cards with their units too. The problem here lies in that SD cards 64GB and higher are written using a format that Mac computers don’t know how to read. That's why today, we’ll show you how to get these cards to work.

Mac computers don’t seem to like any SD cards that are 64GB or greater that have been used with a BlackVue, so the trick is to format it in the mac first before loading it into the dashcam. Otherwise, Mac systems will simply reject it completely and you will be unable to read the card. This means that there will be problems with viewing your footage, if you're lucky.

A helpful customer named William helped us with finding this process and we would like to thank him for this.

The Process

When the SD card is loaded into the Mac, open the program titled Disk Utility. When the window is open, select the SD card and click into the “Erase” tab. Once you’re in the erase tab, you should choose the “MS-DOS (FAT)” format.

Afterwards, there is a tab that might only appear on the El Capitan OS next to the erase tab called "partition" (though it may also appear on any OS from OS X 10.10.5 and up). Go into partition and make sure that the settings are correct with 1 partition being selected as well as the MS-DOS (FAT) format being selected. Afterwards, click on the options button.

When in the Options Menu, it will give you a choice to set the partition to whichever you choose. In this case, you will need to select "Master Boot Record". After selecting Master Boot Record, select ok and then select Apply.

Afterwards, go back to the Erase tab, and after making sure that the previous settings are all correct, press "erase...".

With all of this done, you should be a-ok to use your new SD card. We realize that this is an extra step that gets in the way of using your Dashcam, but it is a necessary compromise that Mac users must make if they want to use the larger SD cards.