flagship dash cam shootout

It’s an exciting year for anyone looking for a 2 channel dash cam. All three of the market leaders have released a new flagship dash cam and all now offer Full HD + Full HD video recording. All of these cameras are very discreet and offer good video quality using Sony CMOS sensors. However, each manufacturer offers a unique approach to their flagship system. Here’s a breakdown on how these devices differ and what they bring to the table.

BlackSys CH-200

With the new CH-200, BlackSys remains the value leader in the segment with the lowest price point among these WiFi 2 channel dash cams. The CH-100B impressed us with great convenience features but lacked a bit in video quality, especially with the rear channel. With the CH-200 the rear camera now has a Sony sensor and both channels have increased bitrates and improved quality.

BlackSys CH-200

It adds a few features compared to its predecessor like time lapse mode and ADAS alerts. These include lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and forward vehicle starting alarm. Perhaps most impressive is the camera’s ability to take 256GB cards and set memory partitioning however the user prefers. The BlackSys CH-200 offers the most customization out of the three cameras in this shootout and has a very advanced parking mode.

We like the low profile shape and prominent event button. From the outside, the short height and slim body of the CH-200 makes it perhaps the most discreet out of this group. It’s also one of the most durable with sturdy USB cables for the rear camera and a proven track record in very hot environments.

We recommend this for: those who need to store the longest amount of parking mode recording, those in hotter climates.

BlackVue DR750S-2CH

Blackvue’s long awaited replacement for their DR650S-2CH keeps the attractive form factor of its predecessor with very subtle design changes. The video hardware however, is all new from the processor to the sensors to the lens.The front camera is the only one in this group that can shoot at 60 frames per second resulting in noticeably less motion blur. The rear camera with the Sony STARVIS sensor is also significantly better at seeing through a tinted window than the old DR650S-2CH.

BlackVue DR750S-2CH

The upgrades do not end at just the video quality though, the overall package is a great improvement from the outgoing model. The new camera also has a higher temperature limit and high heat cutoff features as well. Additionally, it has a new overwrite protection feature similar to memory card partitioning. This feature stores g-sensor or touch sensor triggered event files in a separate folder. It is not as customizable as the other 2 flagship dash cams but it does help in protecting hit and run clips.

Of course this dash cam offers Blackvue’s revolutionary over the cloud feature and WiFi app. This cloud feature can offer live tracking, parking mode impact alerts, and remote download and backup of video files. Interestingly, Blackvue did not develop any ADAS features for the Blackvue DR750S but we’re more impressed by the fact that it has a refined cloud feature.

We recommend this for: anyone who wants to use the cloud feature, anyone with an older Blackvue 2-channel and looking for an upgrade in both video quality and features.

Thinkware F800

When the Thinkware F770 was released in 2016, it put a lot of pressure on the 2 channel market and quickly emerged as the leader. Just a year later, Thinkware has already gone and raised the bar with the F800. Now featuring an Ambarella A12 processor and Sony STARVIS sensors front and rear. The differences in low-light environments such as dark alleys or rural roads is immediately noticeable. The new front unit is also a little smaller in size.

Thinkware F800 2 Channel

We’re also seeing a better parking mode with more storage for motion and incident files. The power consumption is also impressively low in our testing, achieving 24 hours of recording on a fully charged Cellink. The WiFi has been revised to offer a hotspot option which helps to maintain full data connectivity on your smartphone while connected to the camera.

Thinkware was one of the first to offer ADAS features and in our opinion their systems work the best out of all the dash cams we’ve tested. While they’re still no match for factory systems, their alerts generate less false alarms than their competitors. The red light and speed camera alerts are also very neat.

We recommend this for: Mac and iOS users, someone looking for good parking and ADAS alerts, anyone looking for amazing night time video quality.

Wild card: Thinkware F800 Pro

The upcoming Thinkware F800 Pro offers some upgrades to the F800 that elevates it above the competition. These upgrades include a more discreet all black body, 128GB card support, and Thinkware’s cloud feature. The video quality would be the same so if those features don’t interest you we would recommend going with the F800 instead. As far as a 2 channel dash cam though, the F800 Pro would be the best of the best. Combine these excellent features with Thinkware’s reliability and manufacturer support and this camera really comes out ahead.

Thinkware F800 Pro

We understand that customers want to stay protected rather than wait for the new model to come out. The last thing you'd want is to get into an accident and not have the footage because you were waiting for the new model. Be sure to also check out our special upgrade offer for our F800 customers! Since the wiring and mounts will be the same as the F800, it’ll be an easy and straight forward swap. 


Which camera you go with would really depend on your needs and preferences. In terms of video quality, despite different hardware and colour profiles, all three cameras do a similar job of picking up license plates. In the darkest environments, the F800 seems to offer the best video but the difference is fairly marginal. For this reason, we think it's more important to consider the features offered than just comparing specs. If you need huge Micro SD support and want a lot of customization, the CH-200 is the choice for you. If you want a cloud feature and like the idea of 60 FPS video, go with the DR750S-2CH. If you are looking for the best low-light performance and great audio alerts as well as refined ADAS features, go with the Thinkware F800.