skyview dash cam for sale
skyview dash cam for sale
skyview dash cam price
skyview dash cam price
skyview dash cam price

[Silver Rideshare Bundle] Skyview G1 + VIOFO A118C2

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  • Silver Rideshare Bundle: Skyview G1 and VIOFO A118C2

    We've put together our most popular entry-level dashcams in a unique bundle for rideshare drivers or anyone who wants both exterior and interior recording. We would recommend setting up the A118C2 for exterior recording and the G1 rotated to face the interior from the front. Both cameras offer excellent Full HD recording and 32GB Micro SD card support. The G1's unique mount allows the user to rotate the camera easily, this is not only useful for recording passengers but if one were to be pulled over during a traffic stop, the G1 could be turned to face the driver's side window.

    Our Ride Sharing bundle offers several useful extras to hook this setup properly. Two hardwiring kits are included so there aren't any power cables exposed in your vehicle. These hardwiring kits are designed to switch off along with your car. We've also included a spare 16GB card, as these cameras loop record it's possible that important footage can get overwritten over the course of your driving. By removing the Micro SD card and replacing it with your spare you can protect that footage but still use your dashcam as per usual. We've also designed two stickers you can put on your vehicle which will inform passengers and passersby that your vehicle is equipped with a video camera.

    *Note that some of the reviews and pictures show the discontinued Skyview G6 which has been replaced with the upgraded VIOFO A118C2

    This Bundle Includes:

    Note: All BlackboxMyCar Rideshare Bundles come with our Hassle-Free 1-Year Warranty!


    Skyview G1 [Review]
    Our best selling suction-cup mounted dashcam offers excellent Full HD recording and 32GB Micro SD card support. It has an elegant black design and a user-friendly menu layout with a large 2.4" screen.
    VIOFO A118C2
    The VIOFO A118C2 is a discreet adhesive mount dashcam that records Full HD video and supports 64GB Micro SD cards. It has a small 1.5" screen and is easy to operate

    If you have additional questions, please feel free to email us.

    Skyview G1 Sample Video
    Skyview G6 Sample Video
  • Specifications

    Skyview G1 VIOFO A118C2

    Full HD 1080P @ 30 FPS

    Full HD 1080P @ 30 FPS

    GPS N/A N/A
    Parking Mode (CCTV Mode) N/A N/A
    G-Sensor Built-In Built-In
    Wide Angle View



    Operating Temperature -10 ~ 60 °C -10 ~ 65 °C
    Loop Recording Yes Yes
    Maximum SD Card 32GB 64GB
    LCD Yes 2.4" Yes 1.5"
    Wi-Fi N/A N/A
    Microphone Built-In Built-In
    Speaker Built-In Built-In
    File Format H.264 H.264
    Country of Origin China China
    Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty