[Exclusive Signature Bundle] Cellink Battery B + Expansion Package
[Exclusive Signature Bundle] Cellink Battery B + Expansion Package
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[Exclusive Signature Bundle] Cellink Battery B + Expansion Package

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  • Cellink + Expansion Pack Exclusive Signature Bundle

    This Package includes the Cellink Battery B and Expansion Pack as well as various complementary accessories to make the user's life easier. A fully charged Cellink B + Expansion Pack can power a 2 Channel Dash Cam such as the BlackVue DR650S-2CH for over 40 hours! The best way to charge the Battery Pack is by hardwiring it to an accessory fuse in your vehicle which is why we've chosen to include one of each (ATO/Mini/Low-Profile) Add-A-Fuse kits to make the installation that much easier. We are also throwing in the male 12V cigarette input cable to charge via 12V socket so that everything is plug and play!

    This Bundle Includes:

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    Cellink Battery B [Review]
    A powerful battery pack that will keep your dash cam running long after the ignition is switched off (single channel ~24 hours, dual channel ~18 hours) so you can be confident important parking mode footage will be captured. It takes only about an hour to charge completely and also prevents discharge of your vehicle's battery. Check out our review of the Cellink Battery B.

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  • Specifications

    Battery Capacity 76.8 Wh
    Charging Time 1h 20m
    Charging Voltage/Current 12V/6A
    LED Built-In (Indicates Charge/Full)
    Speaker Built-In
    Dimensions 139mm x 125mm x 45mm
    Weight 800g
    Operating Temperature -10 ~ 65°C
    Country of Origin Korea Republic
    Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty