Celot Nu-Black Light Security LED
Celot Nu-Black Light Security LED
Celot Nu-Black Light Security LED
Celot Nu-Black Light Security LED

[SOLD OUT] Celot Nu-Black Light Security LED for Dash cams

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    The Celot Nu-Black Light has an internal G-sensor that triggers powerful LED illumination in the event of an impact to assist your dash cam in darker environments. Getting a second unit is great for anyone with a 2-channel dashcam but can also be mounted up front for twice the forward illumination!

    Hardwire Instructions:

    • Red wire: ACC
    • Yellow wire: Constant
    • Black wire: Ground


    Check out our first impressions of the Celot Nu-Black Light. Please note: we no longer carry the rear unit, so 2 units would need to be purchased in order to be used. If you have additional questions, please feel free to email us.
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    8 x 120 Lumens LED Lights Illuminate Ahead

    LED Settings Indicator Lights

    Internal G-Sensor Triggers the System

    Hardwiring Kit Included

    8 x 120 Lumens LED Lights

    Powerful high quality LEDs are aimed forward to illuminate the area ahead

    LED Indicator Lights

    Change settings such as shock and brightness sensitivity using the simple LED light and 3 button interface

    Internal G-Sensor

    Adjustable sensitivity G-sensor triggers the flashing of the Celot's LEDs in the event of impact

    Included Hardwiring Kit 

    Standard hardwiring kit ensures power to the security LED when vehicle is switched off

    What is included?

    • 1x Celot Nu-Black Light (8x120 Lumens LED)
    • Adhesive Mounting Tape
    • Hardwiring Power Cable
    • Manual (Korean)
    • 1 Year Hassle-Free Warranty from BlackboxMyCar
  • Specifications

    Light Output 8x120 Lumens LED
    G-Sensor Built-In
    LCD No
    Dimensions (W) 66mm x (H) 37mm x (L) 53mm
    Country of Origin Korea Republic
    Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty