BlackboxMyCar Extended Warranty for Over $200

BlackboxMyCar Extended Warranty for Over $200

  • Summary
  • Summary

    The BlackboxMyCar Extended Warranty for Over $200 is available within the first 6 months of purchase date and is applicable for dash cams over $200. There are options for a total of 18 months of warranty or a total of 24 months of warranty.

    If your dash cam is no longer in production during this extended warranty period, we will exchange it with an in-market dash cam of equal value for no additional charge.

    Have you ever been denied warranty when you tried to file a claim because it was through a third party company and they are no longer cooperating with you? The difference at BlackboxMyCar's Extended Protection Packages is that these warranty periods are directly offered in-house at BlackboxMyCar - that means there are no third parties involved, and future warranty claims will not be rejected.

    ***Please note that physical damage to the dash cam, including but not limited to water damage is not included in this extended warranty period. Coaxial cable damage is covered only once***

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