Alloygator Wheel Protector
Alloygator Wheel Protector
Alloygator Wheel Protector comparison
Alloygator Wheel Protector comparison

Alloygator Wheel Protector

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    The Alloygator is a product designed to protect your car's wheels from curb damage with a tough nylon edge. It can also add a personalized and stylish flare to your vehicle as it comes in a number of colourful options.

    *Please note: a professional installation is recommended as it does require jacking up the vehicle and deflating the tire to install, and an incorrect installation can cause damage to your wheels.*

    • Suitable for Most Wheels - The Alloygators are designed to fit wheel diameters from 13" to 21"
    • Patented Design - The design and mounting hardware of the Alloygator are patented for a secure fit
    • Durability Tested - Alloygators have been tested and designed to withstand impacts in normal driving conditions
    • Range of Colours - These wheel protectors come in a number of colours to suit your tastes


    Stay tuned for our review of the Alloygator Wheel Protector. If you have additional questions, please feel free to email us.
    Alloygator Wheel Protection Demo
    Alloygator on Motorhead Garage