Backup cameras have become increasingly more important, and with the new government mandates, you won’t even find a new vehicle without one. Not only do they protect your vehicle from any blind spot damage while reversing, backup cameras also significantly reduces injuries caused while reversing. Even for older vehicles that don’t come standard with a backup camera, getting a system which offers you invaluable peace of mind is a no brainer!Searching for a backup camera system on Amazon or Google will get you pages and pages of results, which makes shopping for one quite intimidating. That’s why we’re here to help you out and tell you about the benefits of getting a LOOK-IT Wireless Backup Camera system.


The LOOK-IT Wireless Camera is one of the only TRUE wireless back-up camera systems out on the market today. Many other “wireless” cameras will still require some form of wiring to draw power for their 2.4GHz adapter. Other than that, you’ll also be required to mount an aftermarket display screen which might require some drilling on your dashboard - not to mention the wires needed to power on the screen itself. A hands-on DIYer might be able to do the job by themselves and have the system set up in a few hours, but most folks will probably opt for getting a professional to install the system instead. The average cost of installers is around $80 per hour, with some shops charging upwards of $100/hr. A backup camera install generally takes around 2 hours, so that’s between $160-$200 just for the installation fee itself.


The LOOK-IT Wireless Camera is extremely easy to install. Basically anyone who can use a screwdriver will be able to install it within a matter of minutes! Best of all, there’s no need to mount an additional screen on your dashboard since the LOOK-IT uses your smartphone to display the video feed - eliminating the need to drill permanent holes on your dashboard and having a clunky aftermarket screen with wires being run everywhere.


Compared to other backup cameras which only shows you a live video feedback, the LOOK-IT is able to offer much more because of its dedicated phone app and the team of software engineers behind it. An exciting upcoming feature for the backup camera system is the AI RCTA system that they are looking to have implemented early 2019. RCTA (Rear Cross Traffic Alert) provides additional peace of mind by quickly alerting you when it detects anything entering your backing path. This new feature that normally costs thousands of dollars in new vehicles will be available by simply doing a firmware update.

The LOOK-IT Wireless Backup Camera system may have a higher price tag compared to its competitors, but the ease of install together with the feature packed system makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd - making it one of our favorite wireless backup camera systems out on the market.