OPIA 1 vs OPIA 2 Dash Cam VicoVation

VicoVation released their OPIA2 dash cam in the Fall of 2016 and impressed us by pairing the powerful Ambarella A12 processor with an Omnivision sensor. This combo gave it the ability to output excellent 2K video at a high bitrate to perform well in all lighting conditions. Furthermore, this camera had great high heat performance with an operating temperature rating of 75°C (167°F) and has performed well for our customers in warmer states like Texas and Florida. Despite having excellent video quality and reliability, the OPIA2 was not one of our best sellers as the features, price point, and design did not appeal to all customers.

Where does the OPIA1 fit in? 

The OPIA1 was released in the Fall of 2017 and is positioned slightly below the OPIA2 in terms of price point and video quality. The camera design is nearly identical but the OPIA1 has an orange colour ring instead of the teal colour found on the OPIA2. This unit uses a Novatek chipset and Sony STARVIS sensor, not too dissimilar to the popular VIOFO A119S. Perhaps the most notable difference with the OPIA1 is the fact that it now supports WiFi through the OPIAViewer application.

VicoVation OPIA1 vs OPIA2

How do the two compare?

In terms of both video and audio quality, the OPIA2 is a better performer thanks to the higher end processor and different internals. The OPIA1 also has a slightly lower maximum temperature rating but it is still at an above average 70°C/158°F. Both cameras are available with an external GPS, however the OPIA1 does not come with the quick release bracket to mount a CPL filter to. Both cameras can be paired with the VICO-Power Plus or Cellink Battery B to run VicoVation's Smart Parking Surveillance feature. This can work in either motion detection or time lapse modes.

What makes these VicoVation dash cams different? 

Frankly, a lot of customers shopping in the 1-channel marketplace see the price point of the VicoVation and compare it to the VIOFO A119 and A119S and wonder why they might choose the OPIA series dash cams. Perhaps a key differentiating aspect is the build quality and reliability of the VicoVation dash cams. They've been in the dash cam marketplace for a long time now and in our experience have had a lower defective ratio than the VIOFO cameras. Both the OPIA1 and OPIA2 also have a higher max temperature rating than the A119 and A119S. Also, because they were designed to work in parking mode, the OPIA dash cams can automatically switch in and out of parking mode using the G-sensor.

With the OPIA dash cams, both a suction cup and adhesive mount are included. These mounts all use a swiveling ball mount meaning that the camera can easily be rotated side to side. This sort of mounting style is ideal for recording an interaction out of the side windows such as a police traffic stop. Many dash cam manufacturers have abandoned this type of mount in favour of slimmer flat mounts, but we believe that there is definitely a demand for this sort of flexibility.

In terms of overall video quality, the OPIA2 would be the best out of this group with incredible license plate legibility. Those that simply want the best video quality in a parking and driving mode setup will enjoy the OPIA2. With the OPIA1 however, VicoVation has expanded their product range to offer something more affordable with a very convenient WiFi feature that should give it broader appeal.

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