Thinkware F770 Firmware Update

The Thinkware F770 firmware updates are available from Thinkware's site here

NOTE: If you are not experiencing issues with your F770, it's best not to update the firmware. We have heard many reports of the F770 bricking due to firmware updates. You can still update the safety camera database without updating the firmware.

To install the firmware:

1. Download and Unzip the downloaded firmware file

Extract Unzip

If you have a mac, the option may appear if you were to right-click on the file. If you are unable to extract the firmware files, then look towards using a file unarchiver program.

2. Insert and Format your Micro SD card to FAT32 in your computer

Formatting Micro SD Card

3. Copy the unzipped firmware files onto the root of the SD card. Make sure the files are not in any folder

Firmware Folders

4. Transfer the new files to the Dash cam:

Insert the SD card into your camera, plug the camera in, and start your car. We recommend using the cigarette adapter for the firmware update. Wait for the camera to announce "Upgrade successfully completed." Do not power off your dash cam until it begins continuous recording as it may cause permanent damage to the dash cam.

Do note that It can take more than 5-10 minutes so please be patient.

5. You can verify that the upgrade was completed by looking at the smartphone app under "device info" or using the Thinkware Desktop Viewer program. 

Desktop Info

*Note: If the firmware update fails, format the card again and repeat the steps.