T-Power Plus ALPHA Battery Pack Review

Key Features

  • 12-14 Hour internal battery
  • 30-minute charge, recharges to above 70%
  • 15,600 mAh in compact size
  • Automatically shuts off when car battery is below 12V
  • 5V USB Port to charge other things
  • Samsung Li-ion battery

Battery packs have been popping up as of late. These aren't just regular battery packs. They are battery packs specifically catered for dashcam use. With more battery packs popping up, the competition has resulted in better battery packs, with better functions, and better specs.

In my opinion, the T-power hits a pretty good sweet spot in terms of price vs. function. It is moderately priced, and offers some respectable specifications and features. To start, the T-Power Plus ALPHA uses a Samsung Li-ion battery, allowing it to be very compact, yet packing a great charge. It allows up to 12-14 hours of recording time, after it uses the car battery. As always, the T-Power battery pack will cut off the car battery when it dips below a certain level. Whats also important to note is that this unit charges extremely fast. Though its maximum recording time is not that great, it is good considering that it only takes a little more than 30-minutes to get it to a full charge. To add to that, it has extra 5V USB ports for you to charge your smart phones, tablets and other devices as well.

If there is one last thing to say, I would like to comment on how nice the unit looks. Typically these battery packs look quite mundane and don't stand out, but this one does look quite nicely designed, and can possibly lead to nicer looking battery packs in the near future.