Skyview G6 Car Camera Review

When we started carrying models like the Skyview G1, we received a lot of positive feedback on the affordable Chinese dashcams with great video quality but some of our customers didn't appreciate the bulkier suction cup mounted devices with big screens. In response to those customers, we've brought in the new Skyview G6 which has a slightly smaller screen but a more discreet shape with a matte plastic body. The front lens unit can rotate to accommodate a variety of different windscreen angles from very upright trucks to very raked back sports cars. 

The matte black body of the Skyview G6 with rotatable lens

What's Inside?

Inside the box you'll find just a cigarette adapter with mini USB plug, a detailed Chinese manual, and a simple English manual. The on screen buttons and settings are easy enough to use that we didn't find the manuals necessary. One unique accessory that the Skyview G6 did come with however is a plastic trim cover that can effectively make the Skyview G6 closely resemble an OEM rain sensor or forward collision sensor. Another function of this trim piece may be to straighten out and organize the power cable and making it nicer to tuck into the headliner of your vehicle. This is an entirely optional piece that we think customers with smaller cars or shorter windshields would not want to utilize, but it's nice to see some creativity and innovation from the folks at Skyview. 

The included plastic trim piece extension allows users to disguise the Skyview G6 as an OEM accessory such as a rain sensor.


When it comes to features the Skyview G6 is about the same as the G1. There's no WiFi and no GPS but there's a user friendly screen interface that lets you playback videos and also take still images. Although a properly hardwired G6 can record when parked, as with most entry level Chinese dashcams there isn't a true parking mode that can limit storage and battery use, for those you'd have to look towards the Finevu or Blackvue products. At this price there obviously isn't an included memory card but it's worth noting the G6 can support up to 32GB Micro SD cards, a great size for Full HD single channel dashcams. Users can also switch to 720P at 30/60FPS to configure their desired balance of resolution and storage space.


Internally the Skyview G6's 3MP sensor produces similarly sharp and clear video as the Skyview G1, however the distinguishing feature of the G6 is it's impressive 170 degree wide angle lens. The wide angle lens lets you see vehicles even when your front bumper has passed their rear bumper in many cases. Night time footage is still very sharp but there is a bit more noticeable noise in the darker parts of the screen than the Sony EXMOR sensor equipped Finevu CR500HD. But for the price we are still very impressed by the Skyview G6, watch the sample video in 1080P and we think you'll agree! 


Excellent video and a very reasonable price makes the Skyview G6 a great product to carry. Compared to the G1 I definitely prefer the slimmer form factor of the G6 but we understand that some customers prefer the bigger screen as well as the less permanent suction cup mounting of the G1. If parking mode and WiFi are not important, we believe customers will be quite happy with the G6's bang for their buck.   

Video Samples: