Recommended Dash Cams

BlackSys CH-100BThinkware F770

Our Favourite Dash Cam

Our favourite dash cam is the BlackSys CH-100B, it's the best all-round dual channel system on the market at the moment and has an easy to use WiFi app as well as a very discreet design. It's easy to hide in your vehicle and is very reasonably priced. Those looking for a higher end option should check out the Thinkware F770 which offers better video quality with similar features.

Thinkware F50XiaoYi Dashcam

Bang For Your Buck

With the trust and reliability of Thinkware, the Thinkware F50 gets our choice for “Best Bang For Your Buck”. If you want a straight forward, no-frills dashcam experience the F50 is an excellent choice that can offer parking mode recording at a low price point. 

If parking mode isn't a priority, the XiaoYi Dashcam offers excellent video quality and an intuitive wifi app for under $150. It is on the larger side and is not as discreet due to the light gray colour but it is one of our favourites in this price range. 

Blackvue DR650GW-2CH TruckThinkware F50

Fleet & Commercial Vehicles

Many of our commercial vehicle clients prefer a dash cam that has built-in GPS as they offer speed display so fleet managers can review/monitor how fast drivers were going. 

For truck applications, the Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Truck offers WiFi, Parking Mode, and GPS. It also uses a waterproof rear unit which is screwed into the exterior of the vehicle. The latest models offer Blackvue Over the Cloud which let's the account manager live view the dashcams via a smartphone app, provided that the camera is connected to an internet source.

A lower priced alternative is the Thinkware F50 which can be fitted with an optional GPS. The GPS can track location and speed but also warn drivers of speed cameras and red light cameras. This is a simple format-free camera so there's not much of a need for the drivers to interfere with the camera. 

For more on fleet/commercial applications, read our article here.

Front & Rear Protection

Most dash cams nowadays typically only offer a single channel of protection; If you’re looking to maximize your protection, with a one-step solution, check out the BlackSys CH-100B and the Thinkware F770. These are our favourite 2-channel dash cams which feature WiFi technology, good video quality, and a sleek design. We recommend these for hotter climates as they have high temperature cutoffs that can protect the internal components and memory card. 

FineVu CR2000 OMEGA

LCD Screen Integrated Dash Cam

The FineVu CR2000 Omega has a 3.5" touchscreen and records in Full HD for both front and rear channels. The GPS can log and display speed on screen and the rearview camera can be displayed in a flipped image to work as a backup camera. 

Alternatively for more affordable 1-channel solutions, you can also look at the Skyview G1 & Skyview G6 dash cams

Best Night Time Video Quality

Looking for the best low-light recording capabilities? Look no further, check out the Thinkware F770, DOD LS470W, and Street Guardian SG9665GC. They all offer built-in Sony CMOS Sensors which are great for recording in low-visibility environments.

If you are looking for interior recording at night, the best option hands down is the infrared camera from Blackvue, the DR650GW-2CH IR.

High Quality Wi-Fi Capability

Dashcams with WiFi connectivity allow users to playback footage and change settings using smartphone apps. The models we carry that feature WiFi are the Blacksys CH100B, Thinkware F770, and Blackvue DR650S-2CH. The Blackvue has the advantage of Over the Cloud compatibility for users that are interested in remote streaming, downloads, and notifications. 

Longest Recording Time

Just like a PVR, dash cams are able to continuously record footage by recording over old footage. This means that the more storage you have, the more footage you can keep on the dash cam before your old footage get recorded over. If this is what you’re looking for, the FineVu CR2000 OMEGA can hold two separate memory cards of up to 128GB each.

The Street Guardian SGZC12SG Pro is also capable of handling full size SD cards of up to 512GB which can hold more than 3 days of non-stop footage. We don't really recommend this large of an SD card though as it can often be more expensive than the camera itself. 

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