MirrorView Dashcam First Impressions

There are many different shapes and forms in which dashcams have come out nowadays. There are small ones, chunkier ones, and ones that come with LCD displays.  It seems obvious that the next big thing would be having a dashcam integrated into a part of your car. MirrorView

Our Thoughts:

This is what the MirrorView does, kind of. It is a rearview mirror which a dashcam integrated into it, and a LCD display screen that occupies approximately 40% of the screen.  

There are actually many rearview-mirror integrated dashcams, and in our opinion, this one looks the best.  The shape of the mirror is nice, and most importantly, the mounting points look proper, like a classic broadway mirror.  We have tested several of these types of dashcams, and there are some with very cheap and tacky mounting solutions, this one is by far the best.  The dashcam films in 1080P, and it is honestly very cool to see an LCD screen integrated as part of the rearview mirror.


We have not had the time to fully test it yet, but from handling the product, I can see this to be a very promising dashcam that brings something new to the table, while still being very affordable.  Keep an eye out for a full-fledged review coming very soon.

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