mini 0806 Review

The mini 0806 is one of the best dashcams from China as it features a premium look and feel combined with a powerful Ambarella chipset to offer impressive video quality. It has a sleek black cylindrical design and can be mounted either on the dashboard or on the windshield. Compared to other dashcams from China which typically feature suction cup mounts, this is a more permanent solution that reduces vibration and offers a more discreet mounting solution. It is one of the smallest cameras on the market which is fitting of the mini name.

One of the most popular features of the mini 0806 are the dual micro SD card slots, both of which can support cards up to 128GB for a combined total of 256GB. That means the 0806 can likely store up to a week's worth of footage if the two maximum size cards are purchased. It also features built-in GPS and a lane departure warning system although we aren't sure how well that works. Believe it or not, despite the tiny size the mini 0806 even has a small 1.5" screen you can use to aim the camera and review footage although it isn't the easiest to use due to the small buttons and screen size. 



What makes the mini 0806 so popular however is its powerful video performance thanks to a 4MP sensor and Ambarella chipset. It has a 135 degree viewing angle which is the perfect balance of wide capturing and license plate/sign clarity. The video footage doesn't have an artificially sharpened or processed look to it and has a pleasant natural look. At night however the performance drop off is more significant than the Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor equipped Blackvue and FineVu products. The dynamic range isn't the best at night so areas that aren't illuminated by the vehicle's headlights or street lights will appear darker on screen. Furthermore glare from oncoming headlights at night is not managed well so a CPL filter might be worth considering. At the end of the day, for a sub-$150 dashcam the video is a bang-for-the-buck leader.


On paper this is one of the best single-channel dashcams available delivering solid video performance in a neat form factor. It is a fairly new product for us however and we don't know about the long term reliability of the mini series just yet. Another area mini lags behind the Blackvue is after sales support in terms of firmware updates and WiFi functionality which is costly to develop. Overall we're very excited to launch this product in Canada as it's a great choice for an affordable single channel dashcam. 

Check out our video review below as well!