Lukas Battery Pack Review

The Lukas Battery Pack allows users to power their dashcam for up to an additional 8-9 hours compared to a conventional hardwiring kit. It can detect the car's battery voltage and switch off at specific user configured levels to ensure the battery does not get drained. Not that it really matters as it will likely be tucked away out of sight, the Lukas battery pack actually looks better than their dashcams which are generally eyesores. 

Inside the Box

The LK-530-12VT can be used with both a cigarette adapter and a hardwiring cable depending on the user's preference. Our first gripe with the Lukas battery is that the cigarette adapter cable is rather bulky as it is the space saving and automatically coiling type. While this seems like a good idea at first, the problem with it is that it's thickness makes it hard to tuck neatly since it's hard to lay out flatly.


Lukas claims a maximum battery capacity that will power the dashcam for about 9 hours, however that is based on ideal conditions and a low consumption dashcam. When we factor in lots of movement that is constantly triggering the motion detection parking mode and less efficient dashcams that number can drop quite a bit. Pair that with the general degradation of battery performance with any electronic device over time, we're not sure that the Lukas has enough juice to really be worthwhile. 

For example, it wouldn't work well for a hypothetical but theoretically common situation where a user is parallel parked on their street after they get home from work around 6PM and leaves for work the next morning at around 8AM. The small capacity of this battery can't guarantee your dashcam will be recording all night long and when you factor in less ideal battery performance and dashcam consumption and this hypothetical user might not have the peace of mind they expected from a dashcam battery pack. 

The other problem we see is the slow charging time of 3 hours, this might not be an issue if you have a long commute but this is a little disappointing in our opinion. The Cellink Battery B which is a much more powerful battery (Up to 7x better) that only takes about an hour to charge. The technology Cellink uses in their battery is significantly more advanced to offer this dramatic of a performance difference and we definitely feel like this more than justifies the slightly higher price tag. 


We like the small size and appearance of the Lukas battery pack, however the performance just isn't there to make it a really worthwhile purchase. The charging time and battery capacity both underperform compared to the other battery packs out there