Increasing the Parking Mode Recording Time on your BlackVue DR650GW/DR650S

One often overlooked spec with parking mode dash cams is the power consumption rating which directly affects how long the camera can run for in parking mode. This is regardless of whether you have it hardwired with something like the Power Magic Pro or run a dedicated battery pack like the Cellink B. With the firmwares on the BlackVue DR650GW and all firmwares of the DR650S series dash cams, the BlackVue Over the Cloud service was added. While this feature does add some neat functions to the device, many users aren't actually taking advantage of this due to limited access to WiFi internet sources for their camera.

For those users that don't intend to use the cloud feature at all and just want to run the dash cam in a more traditional sense, we recommend turning the cloud feature off as well as WiFi autorun. You can do so via the BlackVue desktop viewer or on the smartphone application for Android and iOS devices. This will make it so that WiFi is not running all the time which has a few drawbacks:

  • Significantly increased power consumption with WiFi and Cloud running. Expect a 15-25% increase in parking recording time with these features turned off.
  • Visible WiFi light always on drawing attention to the camera while it's parked, especially at night.
  • Can be confusing for your phone as it may try to automatically connect to the camera's WiFi all the time while driving, which may limit access to any programs that require data such as map applications.

How to Disable WiFi Autorun/Cloud

WiFi Auto Turn On

When you first go into the settings application, you'll find that the WiFi Autorun setting is greyed out and stuck in the on position. This is because the cloud service is enabled by default and in order for cloud to work, you'll need WiFi always running.

Cloud service enable disable

So first, you must go to the cloud settings tab and disable the cloud service feature which will let you change the WiFi autorun/off settings.

WiFi Autorun turn off

We recommend turning on the Wi-Fi auto turn off feature to conserve energy as well, note that this means that whenever you need to use WiFi you'll need to click the WiFi button to turn it on first.

Save and close BlackVue Viewer

After you have finished changing the settings, make sure to click save and close. Once this is done, eject the card and put it back into your camera and power on. Do not format the card after changing settings as this will erase any changes you have made to the configuration file.