How to Split DR490-2CH Front and Rear Videos Using Blackvue Viewer

The BlackVue DR490-2CH and several other Korean dash cams combine both front and rear videos into one .AVI file. This means that if the user were to upload the clip directly to YouTube, they would only show the front portion of the video. For video editing and sharing purposes it is ideal to split up these clips, which requires use of the dash cam's viewer software. In this guide we'll show you how to split those clips on the DR490-2CH using the BlackVue Viewer.

Note that this guide was done on a Windows 7 computer using V1.10 of the BlackVue Viewer, other operating systems and versions of the program may look different

Step 1: Load Videos on BlackVue Viewer

The first step is to put your Micro SD card into your computer's card viewer and start up the BlackVue Viewer. You may need to tell the viewer where your card is by clicking the file button here. If you click this button you can choose the Micro SD directory where your video files are located. This will also work if you've already copy and pasted the video files onto your computer's hard drive.

BlackVue viewer locate file

Step 2: Choose the Video File and Click Export

Once you've populated the list of videos on the viewer, you will need to find the clip that you want to work with. The naming scheme on the files is YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS. You can also sort files using the N/E/P/M buttons above the file list if you are looking specifically for an event file for example. After locating the file that you want to work with, click the option icon to the right in the file list. This will give you the option to "Export" the files.

BlackVue DR490 Export

Step 3: Export Video File

The BlackVue Viewer offers a fairly sophisticated video file export feature. By default both front and rear will be checked, this will export two separate files (one for front and one for rear). If you only want a specific segment of a clip, you can also note the time stamp and choose to only export that portion. You also have the option to turn the audio off if the video you are sharing might have a conversation that you don't want the other person hearing.

BlackVue viewer export

Step 4: Choose Export Directory

Once you click OK the viewer will split the file and prompt an explorer window asking you where you want to save that video to. Make sure you note where you ask it to save, otherwise it may be difficult to locate the file. Note that the exported file will contain "F" for front or "R" for rear.

BlackVue viewer export directory

Optional: Convert .AVI file

Some video editor apps and devices may not support the .AVI file type that the DR490-2CH records in. These may include Adobe Premiere Pro and the iOS native photo gallery player. For these reasons it may be helpful to convert the file to .MP4 which is a more universally compatible file format. You can use a program such as HandBrake or Windows Movie Maker (Windows only) to import the .AVI file and export a .MP4 file. Be sure to use a higher bitrate to retain more of the original video quality. For reference the BlackVue DR490-2CH records at a 1920x1080 resolution, 30 frames per second, and about 11 Megabits per second.