G1W-C/G1W-CB Firmware Update Instructions

If you are having an issue with your G1W-C or G1W-CB, you may be able to fix it with a firmware update. *Please note* attempt the firmware update at your own risk, we are not responsible for any potential damages caused by a firmware update. The latest version of the firmware we have (2015.1109.11) is available here

Here is the step by step guide for installing the firmware:

1. Format your Micro SD Card

Unplug your dash cam, remove the SD card, and plug it into your computer for formatting. You should format it to FAT32. Note that this will clear all the files and folders from your memory card, so backup any important files you need beforehand. If you cannot format the card, check that the SD card adapter is not locked and the SD is not corrupted (read only)

Memory Card Format G1W-C

2. Copy the Downloaded Firmware File

Copy the downloaded file titled "FW96650A.bin" on to your freshly formatted Micro SD card. If the file is in a zip folder you will need to unzip it before you can copy it to the card. You need to paste this into the root of the memory card, make sure it's not in any other folder otherwise the firmware will not apply. You may come across an interrupted action error and should click "Yes" so that Windows can copy the .bin file to your card.

Paste the Dash cam firmware

3. Install the Memory Card and Verify

Once you've copied your firmware onto the card, put the card back in the camera and power on. The camera may flash the LED for a bit and 20-30 seconds later it should start recording again. Pause the recording by hitting the "REC" button and go into the settings menu to verify the firmware version. Hit the "M" button twice to get into the second menu and scroll down to "Version" and click "REC" to see what firmware version is installed.

Verify Firmware G1W G1WC Version

4. Format the Memory Card

Once the firmware has been applied, you will need to format the card, otherwise it will try to apply a firmware reflash every time you start the device. In the settings menu of the G1W-C, choose the format option to format the card inside the camera. This will delete all the videos and the copied firmware file from the card.