First Impressions: Mobius Dashcam

Like many other technologies we are familiar with, they tend to shrink in size as time goes by. This is exactly the case with the Mobius Action Cam/dashcam. It is quite small and only about the size of a key-fob, but seems to still be promising in what it can do. This tiny shooter manages to put out beautiful full HD videos at 30FPS but can also be switched to 720P at 60FPS for those looking for the smoothest video in sports applications.  

The Mobius is only about 1 3/8" wide and 2 1/2" long

Our Thoughts

The Mobius is marketed as an action camera because unlike most dashcams it's got a large variety of mounting options and a pretty decent battery for up to 2 hours of standalone recording. It's equipped with a dashcam mode that makes it automatically record when it's fed power and also loops recording as opposed to filling up the card and stopping. That being said, it doesn't have GPS, WiFi, a screen, or parking mode functions, so it's rather basic for a dashcam.

Occasionally we come across dash cams that put out videos where the tones and sharpness doesn't feel natural. While that can occasionally help them pick up license plates and other details it usually makes for less desirable video in a cinematic sense. The Mobius in this case pleasantly surprised us as it has a great balance of video characteristics and a great mic as well. The flat and slim shape of the Mobius also makes it great for mounting as an action cam where a traditional GoPro would be too bulky. This same benefit translates to it's dashcam function where it can be discreetly mounted on a vehicle's windshield thanks to it's thin and screenless design.


The Mobius is an exciting and versatile addition in the dashcam market that manages to be pretty good at doing both action cam and dashcam tasks. We think it's slim shape will appeal to users concerned with theft or bulkiness and it might be a good fit for fans of motorsports. The price is quite reasonable although those who are strictly looking for a dashcam should check out the popular G1, G1W, and G6 dashcams that are slightly more affordable and equipped with screens. Of course where parking mode is concerned the Blackvue DR3500 is a great all rounder with a sleek design as well. 

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