First Impressions: Garmin Dashcam 20

With the increasing popularity of dashcams, many electronic companies are wanting to get in on this growing trend. Garmin is one of the first of these companies and have jumped in with the new Garmin Dashcam 20. When we first unboxed it, we noticed that it bared a strong resemblance to many of the Chinese devices on the market. The small LCD display, as well as the plasticky material were what gave us that vibe. However, we do think that there seems to be more quality with the Garmin over the Chinese dashcams that we are used to, and we like that there's some heft to it.

Garmin's Dashcam 20 with it's square body and protruding GPS antenna


From what we can see the video quality is in-line with other Chinese dashcams in that it's pretty decent despite the cheap plastic exterior. Low light performance is great but that should be expected at this price point. However compared to its Korean competition at this price we have to note that it doesn't have WiFi nor does it have a parking mode. The WiFi is not a big concern since it has a 2.3" screen, however based on the lack of a parking mode it wouldn't be our first choice since we've had our fair share of experiences with parking lot hit and run accidents. 


The 2.3" LCD screen and 4 rear buttons make up for the lack of WiFi function


It's simply too hard to ignore the high price point of the Garmin Dash Cam 20, while it does have a well known brand backing it, there's no denying this is a rebadged and repackaged Chinese device. Chinese cameras have been known for delivering impressive video quality at a low price point for a while now but the Garmin misses on that latter point. It doesn't really outperform in terms of video quality or features it's cheaper counterparts and subjectively speaking it doesn't have a particularly attractive form factor either. 

Also Consider:

Skyview G6 great video quality and an impressively sleek form factor at a very affordable price point. Those that want a larger screen and more portability like the Garmin should check out it's cousin the Skyview G1. Both these devices come in at about 1/3 of the price of the Garmin

Sample Video



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