First Impressions: FineVu Pro II Full HD

The FineVu Pro II (or Pro 2) Full HD is a mid-range single channel dashcam from FineVu. Compared to it's bigger brother the best selling FineVu CR500HD the video quality is not quite as sharp and only records at 24FPS compared to the CR500's smoother 30FPS. It also lacks some of the features such as the screenshot function and mode changing buttons on the back of the device, however it still offers a great parking mode and Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor characteristic of the best dashcams from Korea. 

The design is unique with a sort of wide octagonal look to it, it's not as attractive as the CR500HD in my opinion but overall it's pretty discreet and not too bulky. It uses a similar quick release mount as the CR500HD but the case of the device has a lot more venting possibly for speakers or cooling. It's powered via mini USB similar to the excellent FineVu CR2000G dual channel dashcam and also has a port for external GPS although we suspect that won't be a popular option in this price range. The CPL filter which fits the CR2000G and CR500HD does not fit the Pro II due to the smaller lens area although they are available through FineVu. 

Based on the video samples we've seen we're fairly impressed for this price range. The video is slightly more pixelated than the CR500HD/CR2000G but the night performance is good and overall the performance is crisp. Where the Pro II will have an advantage over Chinese dashcams is the parking mode optimization which requires a hardwiring kit such as the Power Magic Pro to utilize. Parking mode protects the vehicle even when the ignition is off and is extremely useful to have. 

We're excited to start carrying this product as an alternative to the Blackvue DR3500 as the Pro II is a bit cheaper and offers a wider angle lens of 135 degrees vs. the Blackvue's narrower 120. 

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