FineVu CR2000G Review

The FineVu CR2000G is the updated version of the FineVu CR2000S which adds internal GPS so speed data can be displayed (A video review for the CR2000S is available here). For those that aren't familiar with its predecessor, the CR2000G offers 1080P recording on both front and rear units as well as a large 3.5" touchscreen display which makes setup and reviewing footage a breeze. Being a FineVu product it offers an excellent parking mode by motion detection comparable to the Blackvue products. The build quality and design feel very high end although the orange front security LED is a little too eye catching for our liking. 

The internals are definitely worth a mention, the CR2000G features a pair of Sony CMOS sensors and an Ambarella chipset to render smooth video. Other features include the aforementioned GPS and a new lane departure warning system which warns the driver when they are drifting out of the lane. That being said, we normally don't find these LDWS features to be all that useful and it can be a little annoying at times, luckily it can easily be turned off. Another nice feature is that it supports dual memory cards, one full size SD which you might find in your digital camera/DSLR, and one that is a micro SD which is more common on dash cams and cellphones. Both memory card slots can support 128GB each for a combined maximum storage of 256GB. 

In terms of video quality, the CR2000G offers some of the best among dual channel systems at the cost of a slightly bulkier unit than say the Blackvue DR650GW-2CH. The 136 degree viewing angle is a perfect blend of distortion free recording and wide capturing, similar to what's seen on the best-selling FineVu CR500HD. An optional CPL filter is also available which can reduce glare and improve colour performance as well. The dynamic range on the CR2000G is better than that found on some of the high end Chinese dashcams such as the VicoVation products or DOD products, this means that the darker areas (especially at night) still appear fairly bright and clear. 

Overall we think this is a solid choice for those that are looking for a dual channel dashcam. The bulkier size means that it won't be ideal for those that are concerned about theft although the transition from a white body (CR2000S) to the black body on the CR2000G makes the unit much more discreet. The only feature it lacks is WiFi connectivity however that isn't really missed on a screen equipped dashcam.

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