FAQ: What Hardwire Kit Should I get for my Thinkware Dash Cam?

Our Thinkware dash cams come with three different hardwiring options for our customers that want to take advantage of parking mode. The BlackboxMyCar hardwiring kit, Thinkware hardwiring kit, and the Cellink B with Spliced Hardwire Kit.

The BlackboxMyCar hardwire kit and Thinkware hardwire kits are functionally identical and are very similar in appearance. We wanted to offer a more affordable hardwire kit option for our customers so we made this alternative kit available. Both kits are about 10 feet in length and have inline fuses to protect the camera. They are meant to connect to the fuse box to offer parking mode recording using the car's battery power. You will need to set the voltage cutoff in the settings of your Thinkware dash cam as this kit is a simple direct wire with no modules or switches.

The Cellink Battery B with spliced hardwire is our preferred method of using parking mode recording on the Thinkware dash cams. It connects to your vehicle using either a cigarette adapter or a hardwire kit to an ignition switched fuse. It is set up not to drain the car's battery whatsoever and only charge while the car is on. This is the safest way to power a dash cam as it does not interfere with the car's electronics and it won't cause any wear and tear to the car's battery.

What does not work

The Thinkware dash cams require a direct hardwire kit with two power wires, one for constant/battery power while the car is off, and an ignition switched power wire. The ignition switched accessory wire will tell the camera when to activate/deactivate parking mode and the voltage detection features. The 12V cigarette cable does not offer this type of connection and will only tell the camera whether it is getting power or not. It cannot distinguish between when the car is on or off.

For this reason, you cannot use a constant or always on cigarette socket with your Thinkware dash cam and expect parking mode to work. The camera will simply record in continuous mode and drain until your battery runs out. We do not recommend this setup as it is too risky with your car's battery and the camera may overwrite videos quickly since it's recording nonstop, even if nothing is going on. The camera will also use more power as features like GPS will stay running in continuous mode instead of shutting off like they do in parking mode to conserve power.

Similarly, hardwire kits like the Power Magic Pro, Multi-Safer, or Vico Power Plus are also not recommended for Thinkware dash cams as they will also not activate parking mode properly.