Backup cam as dash cam

Q: "My car already has a camera in the back, why do I need a 2 Channel dash cam?

A: While your car may have a camera that is activated when you shift into reverse for parking purposes, this factory backup camera is not configured for recording and can not be used as a dash cam.

Additional Notes:

  • Factory backup cams only have a connection to the display in the vehicle, they don't have a separate output signal to plug into a dash cam even if a dash cam were to support this type of rear camera input.
  • Parking mode dash cams are designed to essentially record 24/7, backup cameras are only switched on for seconds at a time and are not really intended to be running 24/7.
  • Our rear dash cams typically record in 720P or 1080P resolution, dash cams are only needed for parking purposes so they usually record in a much lower resolution since they don't need to pick up license plates or details from further away objects.
  • The camera positioning for the backup cam is good for parking purposes but not ideal for recording as a rear dash cam. It's usually zoomed in fairly close to the bumper so you don't scratch anything but if someone is driving erratically behind your car, the viewing angle may not be ideal.