Our customers ask the best questions, and we love being there for them. Here we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions so that you can get the information that you're looking for right away.

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1) Why do I need a dash cam? Why would I want to invest in a high quality one?

Dash cameras will provide irrefutable video evidence and act as silent witnesses in the event of an accident. The video evidence will clearly identify whose at fault and what exactly happened.

  • Cheap dash cams have missing segments between video recordings.
  • Cheap dash cams cannot operate properly in conditions of extreme heat or cold.
  • Cheap dash cams may have great specs, but the true video quality will nowhere be near the advertised HD or Full-HD quality.
  • Cheaper dashcam companies do not provide any warranty service.
  • There are many $100-$300 range dash cameras from Asia. However, do your research and buy products that have been tested and backed up with reputable warranty service. BlackboxMyCar stands behind all products that we sell.

2) Why buy from BlackboxMyCar?

No Costly International Shipping to Asia for your Warranty Issues

BlackboxMyCar is based in Vancouver, BC. As an authorized distributor behind the products we carry, we take care of all the potential warranty issues in-house. Unlike our competitors, our customers do not have to send their defective units to Asia (typically about $60 with tracking service). Our customers simply have to send their defective units to BlackboxMyCar, and we will replace them for you. Quick, convenient and hassle-free!

Buy with Confidence at BlackboxMyCar

We are the largest and most recognized Authorized Distributor of quality dash cams from Korea and Taiwan in North America. Brands that we carry include Thinkware, BlackVue, FineVu, Blacksys, DOD, VicoVation, SkyView & more!
  • All our products are fully covered with manufacturer's warranty.
  • We are recognized and knowledgeable with Dash cam Blackboxes.
  • All our products are genuine & factory built with English software and English manuals.
  • We provide life-time support for your dashcam!

Fast & Quick Shipping

All orders that are received before 3:30PM PST are shipped out on the day that we receive your order, except on weekends and statutory holidays. All our products are carefully packed and promptly delivered to our customers.

  • All our products are covered by manufacturer's warranty, and we provide hassle-free and excellent warranty service if needed.
  • Non-authorized dealers cannot provide warranty service and Blackvue will not repair or replace cameras that are sold through those dealers.

3) What kind of quality comes with the devices? VGA, HD, or Full HD?

Nowadays, 720p HD or 1080p Full HD quality is the standard on dash cams. However, be sure to look at the sample videos to make sure that the camera actually offers the advertised HD or Full HD quality if stated in the specifications. Many cheaper dash cams may appear to advertise HD quality, but in reality this may not be the case.

4) How do I install my dash cam?

There are two different ways for installation. One is the 'plug-and-go' method. All the dash cams come with 12v power outlets where you can plug into the cigarette lighter to receive power in which your dash cam will be turned on only when your car is turned on. Another method is the 'hardwire' install method. With this method, it allows your dashcam to act as a CCTV for your vehicle when your vehicle is parked. It also allows a much cleaner install.

For more detailed information on installation, click here to view our tutorial.

5) What happens if someone steals my dash cam?

There is never guaranteed protection against theft, but we have never had any reports from our customers for stolen dash cams. If one of your main concerns in deciding to get a dashcam includes the issue of theft, we would recommend looking into the ecell Focus Black Box. The ecell Focus Black Box features a unique two-piece unit that allows the camera and SD-storage unit to be separated. In the case that the camera unit gets stolen, all vehicle footage will still be in the separated SD-storage compartment that usually resides in the glove box or other hidden parts of your car.

6) Can I turn off the LEDs on the back of the FineVu CR500?

No. The LEDs cannot be turned off.

7) How does GPS work?

There are two different types of GPS found in dash cams. One is an external GPS that has to be connect to the body of the dashcam, and another one is an external GPS, which is built into the body. The purpose of the GPS is to acquire speed and the route in which vehicles are taking.

8) Which dash cam is the most discreet?

It is purely by preference, but we would say that the BlackVue is the most discreet unit that we offer. It is very sleek and has a small form factor that allows it to hide perfectly inside the cabin of the car.

9) Where do videos get stored?

Depending on the dashcam, videos can be stored on either MicroSD or regular SD cards. Believe it or not, SD cards actually have 'expiry dates', so it is beneficial to reformat SD cards every month, and change them every year.

10) What batteries do the dash cams use?

Dash cams use small lithium ion batteries. This battery is used to keep time and dates for the dashcam. In order to record videos, even when it is parked, hardwiring the dashcam is required. This can be done by using the proper hardwiring kits, such as the Power Magic Pro, or the Multi Safer.

11) What is the purpose of WiFi? How does WiFi work on BlackVue?

is a common misconception for people to think that the WiFi function acts as a hotspot to tether Internet. However, the WiFi function in dashcams usually means that streaming of recorded footage and changing of settings can be done via your smartphone. The dash cam acts as a hotspot in which the phone can attain wi-fi connections and perform those actions. It is convenient to be able to stream footage through Wi-Fi at the scene of an accident instead of having to try to find witnesses in the area.

12) Can dash cams be used in all vehicles?

Yes. Dash cams are compatible with all makes and models.

13) My car has stop-and-go technology. Which hardwiring kit do I need?

For this scenario, the Multi Safer is the only option suggested by us. Without it, everytime the engine shuts off, the dashcam will shut off along with it.

14) How can I enhance my video quality?

There are various ways in which video quality can be enhanced.

  • Additional accessories such as a CPL and UV lens can help enhance the video quality through reduced glare.
  • Firmware updates help with video quality.
  • Upgraded LED lights from Halogen can help to greatly enhance the video quality.

15) Should I be worried if I see a battery discharge light on my BMW?

No. BMW is a company that is also very sensitive with its battery usage. The warning just means that the external device (dash cam) is pulling from the battery while the vehicle is parked. There is nothing to be worried about. We would recommend that you buy an external battery product such as our Cellink Battery B which is made especially for BMW's 

16) What is loop recording?

All dash cams record in a looping cycle. In normal recording mode, the dashcam will continuously record videos until the end of its memory limit. Once it hits its limit, it will start looping over and overwriting the content from the beginning. In the case of any accidents where the G-sensor is impacted, the videos will be recorded as 'event recordings' in which the looping will NOT overwrite.

17) Do I have to delete my videos?

No. Generally, dash cams record in a looping cycle which deletes unimportant footage when the memory card reaches its maximum. You do not have to delete video footage manually to make more storage space, but it can be done. When the G-sensor is activated, videos are recorded as 'event recordings', which is seperate from normal recording. These can be deleted manually as they will not be looped over.

18) If I have tint on my car, is having a rear dash cam still worth it/does it work?

In many ways, tints on vehicles will have a comparable effect as sunglasses. During the day it may reduce glare but won't compromise video quality at all. At night however, tints do tend to restrict how much light gets through to the sensor thus there will be less detail picked up by the camera. What you can expect is a slight degradation in night time video quality although glare might be better managed. Ultimately, many of our customers and ourselves included, are using rear-facing dashcams with tinted windows without any issues and are happy with the great deal of additional evidence provided by a rear unit. 

19) What is the difference between running a dedicated dual-channel dashcam, and running two front facing dash cams front and rear? Which one should I get?

Dual-channel dashcams are newer offerings that were the manufacturers' response to customers that would buy two separate units for front and rear protection. They are usually much more affordable than buying 2 front facing dashcams of comparable specs and are also easier to wire as they would only require one hardwiring kit as opposed to two. Typically the front main unit would be hardwired with a kit such as the Power Magic Pro and just one connecting cable is required to link the rear unit to the front. The connecting cable can be tucked along the headliner of the vehicle for a seamless install and would not require a separate power source or the added expense of an extra hardwiring kit.

The rear units on dual-channel dashcams typically are much smaller and don't put out the same video quality as the front units or dedicated single-channel dashcams. Some of the dual-channel units such as the Blackvue DR650GW-2CH only have 720P rear video although we're seeing that the rear units are quickly catching up. The benefit to running two single channel units might include having your own choice of rear camera quality, having separate memory cards which would increase maximum storage space over a shared card, and being able to upgrade one unit without touching the other.

For dual-channel systems, on the lower end the FineVu T9 is an incredibly affordable unit that comes with everything you need for a very low price. The T9 only puts out video resolutions of 720P front and VGA rear but provides a great deal of protection for the money. Those that want a higher end dual-channel might want to consider the Blackvue DR650GW-2CH which has WiFi and GPS function and puts out 1080P front and 720P rear video resolutions. The value proposition with something like the DR650GW is strong as purchasing 2 separate units with parking mode, WiFi, and even GPS, would cost much more than the dual-channel system. Another alternative if you do not need GPS but want a WiFi capability I would go with the Blacksys CH-100B.

Those with concerns about mounting rear-facing units shouldn't be too worried as we've seen them used on everything from sedans to hatchbacks/SUV's and even convertibles with roll bars. The dual-channel rear units are usually very small and have a good range of adjustment for maximum versatility. A dedicated dual-channel system offers great bang for the buck but those that prioritize maximum video quality and don't mind the extra wiring might want to look into separate front and rear units. 

For dual-channel systems, there are:

For 2 separate cameras, we recommend:

  • BlackVue DR600GW-HD WiFi + BlackVue DR3500-FHD

20) Where do videos get recorded?

Videos get recorded and saved on Micro SD cards and SD cards.

21) What is motion sensor mode on G1 and G6? Is that the same as 'parking mode'?

The motion sensor mode seen on G1 and G6 dash cams are different from the 'parking mode' seen on many higher end dash cams such as FineVu and BlackVue. With the traditional 'parking mode' we have come to be familiar with, it allows a car to be turned off and still record. The key in this feature is that it is activated via motion detection, allowing the dashcam to only record when it senses motion.

This allows the 'parking mode' to be efficient by saving battery and not record nothing. In the G1 and G6 dash cams, such a feature does not exist. However, if it is hardwired, there is an option for a similar parking mode to be used. Within its settings, there is a setting dedicated to recording while the car is parked/hardwired. The catch is that you have to manually trigger this setting every time you get out of the car, and it does not record through motion detection. It records continuously which is not the most efficient way, and not the best for the battery.

22) What Micro SD card should I buy?

We recommend a Micro SD card 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB with a Class 10 rating. Click Here for more information. 

23)What can I do to keep my dashcam working optimally?

We highly recommend to reformat your Micro SD card every week for optimal performance however you may do it once a month. Click here for more information

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