eCELL Focus Black Box 2CH Full Review

*We're no longer carrying this unit*

Now that we've had the eCELL Focus for a couple weeks and gathered some sample videos, we're ready to do a full review of this dashcam (for our first impressions click here). As discussed previously, the eCELL Focus is a 2-channel dashcam with two small front/rear camera units and a separate recording body/processor which also provides WiFi. This segregated design is great as it makes the unit very discreet and would be better in the event of a break in as even if the camera units were stolen, the actual memory card/recording unit may still be in the vehicle. For a small and relatively new company the WiFi works surprisingly well as you can see in the sample videos eCELL has shared with us on YouTube (iOS version and Android Version). Read more to find out what makes the eCELL Focus one of the best buys

As far as bang for the buck goes, the eCELL Focus brings a lot to the table thanks to 2-channel recording, parking mode, WiFi, and an included hardwiring kit. It has everything you need right out of the box yet is one of the most affordable dedicated 2-channel systems on the market. Users can also opt for a battery pack such as the Cellink Battery B in lieu of the factory hardwiring kit which should give the eCELL close to 20 hours of additional recording than with the vehicle's battery alone. Because eCELL is a newer brand we decided to offer a 2-year extended warranty option for customers as the track record is relatively unknown. We haven't had any reported issues from the several customers who have ordered these and it has been reliable in our own testing as well but we thought this would be a helpful option for anyone on the fence for trying this dashcam out. 



In our testing we found that the only real drawback to the eCELL focus is the video quality, the 720P footage is not terrible but they are notably worse than that of the best selling DR650GW-2CH in terms of detail. In our daytime testing the colours were a bit over-saturated but it did pick up license plates at low speeds adequately and still offers a good level of evidence should the user get into an accident. For low light footage, while we don't have our own videos up, eCELL does have some sample videos recorded in Korea. Overall performance drop off in low light actually impressed us quite a bit as you get almost as much detail at night as you do during the day. The darker areas of the frame are still well exposed as opposed to some dashcams which have a higher contrast look making dark sections pitch black. The glare from oncoming headlights and street lights at nights was also minimal. Another notable mention is that since the front and rear cameras are the same, you can expect the same performance for both channels whereas most 2-channel dashcams have compromised rear video. There are plenty of sample videos on eCELL's YouTube Channel to familiarize yourselves with the type of quality you can expect from the Focus dashcam, just be sure to switch to 720P. 



Overall we think for the combination of features and price point the eCELL Focus is hard to beat. It may not have the brand value or video quality of the DR650GW-2CH but it's priced accordingly. Thanks to it's segregated design and lower processing demands, it has a higher temperature rating, up to an impressive 80°C/176°F. The WiFi integration is amazing for a young company and it's one of the stealthiest dashcams on the market to boot. We're extremely excited for the promising future of eCELL and can't wait to help them launch new products in North America! 

Also be sure to check out our video introduction of the eCELL Focus Black Box!