DOD RX8W Review

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The Taiwanese company, DOD has been at the leading edge of dash cam video quality for a while now, and it's always interesting to see the new things they are bringing to the market. We've criticized a few of their products in the past for having not-so-discreet designs but the new RX8W does not suffer from this at all. Instead it is a mirror integrated dash cam providing a wider mirror than you would typically have from the factory and an incredibly discreet form factor as it's only 1 cm thick.

There is a large 4.3" screen with easy to use illuminated buttons on the front, and the front mirror has an anti-glare effect to it, perfect for combating blinding aftermarket HID headlamps. The supplied cigarette adapter power cable is sufficiently long so that the wire can be neatly tucked along the headliner/A-pillar of the vehicle. Another innovative design feature is the velcro strap mounting which is considerably more universal and durable than other mirror dash cams we've tested. The rear mounted lens protrudes quite significantly but offers a good range of articulation to work with no matter how the driver prefers to align their mirror. This mirror might be a little wide for some applications and block more of the driver's sight than desired but we did not have any issues with it.


In terms of function and features the DOD RX8W has GPS logging which provides speed and location data. Otherwise it is just a well built camera with quality optical components and sensors. It does not have parking mode by motion detection which would quite honestly make this unit a slam dunk in the single-channel market but is a huge drawback we can't not mention. Parking mode by motion detection allows a hardwired dash cam to record even when the car is parked, yet only when there is motion. This is invaluable in hit and run incidents and has saved many an insurance deductible for our customers. You can still choose to pair the DOD RX8W with a hardwiring kit such as the Power Magic Pro which will power the dash cam while parked using the fuse box and prevent battery discharge, however without motion detection it will constantly record and drain unnecessary power as well as require more memory card storage.


Video quality is amazing thanks to a Japanese f/1.6 lens, video is very sharp even at night just like the DOD LS360W/460W although those seem to be less grainy at night thanks to their Sony sensors. Video performance is among the best in the business based on what we've seen not only on DOD's site but user-submitted examples on YouTube as well.


Overall this is an excellent high-end single channel dash cam and the form factor is very hard to beat, unless perhaps you were running a racecar with a non-traditional rearview mirror. We always recommend DOD products to our customers who ask us for recommendations based on video quality alone but the lack of WiFi and parking mode are definitely weaknesses in an otherwise stellar product.

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