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October 2017
Factory Integrated Dash Cams (Toyota Genuine Dash Camera, etc.)
MYTH: Thinkware F800 Unsecured WiFi Network Issue
Distracted Driving and Dash Cams
Comparison: Power Magic Pro vs. Vico-Power Plus
VicoVation OPIA1 vs. OPIA2
Setting up the BlackVue DR490-2CH Dash Cam
September 2017
Minor Accident in Richmond Highlights the Importance of Dash Cams in BC
How do I take the Thinkware Rear Camera out of the Mount? 
Thinkware F800 WiFi App Guide
BlackVue DR750S-2CH Direct WiFi Guide
Why aren't we carrying the DOD RC500S 2 Channel Dash Cam? 
BlackVue DR750S-2CH Dash Cam Review
Vandalism Caught on Thinkware F770 2 Channel Dash Cam
BlackVue DR750S Scheduled Reboot Feature
Thinkware F800 2 Channel Dash Cam Review
Getting a Battery Pack for your BlackVue DR750S-2CH
August 2017
F800 Upgrade Promise
BlackVue DR750S-2CH Event File Overwrite Protection
Flagship Dash Cam Shootout: BlackSys CH-200 vs. BlackVue DR750S-2CH vs. Thinkware F800
BlackSys CH-200: Standby Time Till Parking Mode Setting
Top 5 Best Dash Cams for New Drivers
BlackSys Upgrade Program
Connecting to your Smartphone with Thinkware F800 (Android)
Connecting to your Smartphone with Thinkware F800 (Apple iOS)
Thinkware F800: Motion Detection and Time Lapse Parking Mode
Thinkware F800 Super Night Vision 2.0
Thinkware F800 Dash Cam Install Walkaround (2018 Audi RS3)
Dash Cams for BC Wildfire Relief
PSA: Remove the Plastic Wrap from your Blackvue Dash Cams
Thinkware F800 Sample Video Footage and Video Quality!
What's New with the Thinkware F800
Thinkware F800 Memory Card Partitioning
July 2017
BlackVue DR490-2CH 2 Channel Dash Cam Review
Comparison: Thinkware F770 vs. Thinkware F800
Comparison: Blackvue DR490-2CH vs. Blackvue DR650S-2CH
Dash Cam Footage Saves Huge Insurance Deductible!
How to Split DR490-2CH Front and Rear Videos Using Blackvue Viewer
VIOFO WR1 Review
Distracted Driver Rear Ends X5 in Vancouver (Thinkware F770)
Using "Mini" Size Fuses in "Low-Profile" Fuse Slots
June 2017
Extended Warranty Offer on BlackSys CH-200
BlackSys CH-200 vs CH-100B Comparison
BlackSys CH-200 Review
Dash Cam Recommendations for Leased Vehicles
Porsche 911 Turbo Gets Hit While Parked! (Calgary, AB)
Mazda MX-5 Miata 2 Channel Blackvue Dash Cam Install
Top 5 Best Dash Cams for Trucks Drivers and Fleets
Ford F-150 Cellink and Thinkware F770 Install
Correcting Known Issues with Viofo Cameras (A119/A119S)
Are Dash Cams Compatible with Subaru Vehicles Equipped with EyeSight?
Cellink Battery B Contest
What is Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW)?
May 2017
Brazen Hit and Run in Vancouver, B.C!!
Usage of EVA Foam Pads for Viofo A119/A119S w/GPS
Blackvue 4-Channel Dash Cam Setup in Minivan
Parking Lot Hit and Run Caught on Thinkware F770!
Tesla Model S 4-Channel Thinkware F770 Install (360° Coverage!)
How to Separate Video from the LG Innotek LGD521 into Front/Rear Footage
Smile! You're on Dash Cam - Compilation Video #4
Possible Attempted Insurance Fraud (Caught on DR650GW-2CH)
Downloading and Transferring Videos from BlackSys CH-100B with iOS
Hit and Run Caught on CH-100B in Richmond, B.C.
Micro SD Adapter Lock (Read-Only Mode)
Sending Blackvue Log Files for Troubleshooting/Diagnostics
Thinkware Dash Cam Installation Videos
Formatting your Micro SD Card through Blackvue Viewer
Dash Cam Installation Video Guide by Everything DIY!
Dash Cam Video Contest #1
April 2017
Increasing the Parking Mode Recording Time on your Blackvue DR650
Always-On Cigarette Sockets and Different Hardwire Kit Types
What is a BlackSys CH-100B GPS Mount?
Using 128GB Cards with Thinkware F770
Parking Lot Burglary Caught on BlackSys CH-100B
Cellink Battery for Convenient and Extended Parking Mode Recording
March 2017
BlackVue for Security Companies
Tamper Proof Cases for Dash Cams
BlackSys CH-100B Long Term Review Video
FAQ: What are the clear tubes on my power cable?
VIOFO A119 and A119S Video Comparison
Adhesive Mount Dash Cam Removal Guide
FAQ: My Car Isn't Driven Much But I Want Parking Mode Recording
FAQ: What Hardwire Kit Should I get for my Thinkware Dash Cam?
FAQ: Can I Mount the Dash Cam on those Black Dots on my Windshield?
FAQ: Can I use my Backup Cam as a Rear Dash Cam?
Dash Cam Mounting Position Guide
LG Innotek LGD521 WiFi Guide
February 2017
Dash Cam Battery Packs: The Easiest Setup for Parking Mode Recording?
Battery Pack Capacities and Recording Times (Cellink B, Blackvue B-112)
How to get a 64GB+ MicroSD to work with Macs (Mac OSX, 10.11.6, El Capitan)
What's Included with Blackvue Cloud
CPL Filter Guide
Dash Cams and Airbags
Should I Upgrade the Firmware on my Dash Cam?
Memory Card Partitioning: What it is and why you want it
January 2017
BMW M4 Cabriolet 4-Channel Installation
How to Hardwire a Dash Cam
How to use an Add-A-Fuse Kit
Crash Caught on BlackVue Dash Cam
Linus Tech Tips Dash Cams Review
Dash Cams by Donation 2016 (Follow up!)
Hit and Run by Evo Car Share Caught on Dash Cam
Thinkware F770 Dash Cam Mounting Positions
Pedestrian Struck by Car at Crosswalk (Vancouver, B.C.)
December 2016
VIOFO A119 and A119S
FOLLOW UP: Reckless Bus Driver (Sea To Sky Highway)
Bus Pulls Reckless Maneuver on Snowy Highway
Dash Cams for Security Companies
Thinkware Hardwire Kit (TWA-SH) Wiring Guide
Two 1 Channel Dash Cams vs. 2 Channel Dash Cam (2016 Edition)
Guide to Discount Codes and Order Notes
Dash Cams by Donation
Under $150 Holiday Gift Guide
2016 Holiday Season Sales Guide
November 2016
Dash Cam Power Consumption Ratings
Dash Cams and Battery Deep-Discharging
Introducing Aquapel Glass Treatment
VIOFO A119 Firmware Update
Black Friday 2016 Sale Starts Now!
Introducing Aquapel Glass Treatment
Parking Mode in Winter Weather - Cellink Battery B
Introducing the Blackvue Power Magic Battery Pack B-112
Sideswiped! (Dodge Ram vs. VW Golf) - BlackSys CH-100B
October 2016
BlackboxMyCar & Signature Mazda Partnership
GPS Dash Cams and Time Zones!
Blackvue Cloud Viewer for Desktop
Holiday Gift Guide 2016
Rude Fiat 500C Driver Caught on BlackSys CH-100B
Semi Truck Accident Caught on Blackvue Dash Cam
Setting time (and more!) on the Thinkware F50
September 2016
Having glare problems with your DR650S? Then our CPL filter is for you!
The Rear-Facing Camera? Is it really worth it?
Customer's Acura RSX Backed Into: Potential Fraud?
Neighbour Caught on Dash Cam Pouring Olive Oil onto Customers Car
August 2016
Top 5 Best Dash cams of 2016
Thinkware F770 Night Time Video Quality Comparison
Thinkware F770 Dash Cam in VW Mk7 Golf R
Customer's FRS Backed Into: Potential Fraud?
Hit and Run in Downtown Vancouver: Dodge Challenger R/T
Thinkware F770 vs. F750
Installing Thinkware 2 Channel Rear Camera (F750/F770)
July 2016
What's New for the BlackVue DR650S?
T-Bone Caught on Blackvue Dash cam
Shipping Warranty Packages to Us
How to pick a Micro SD card for your dash cam and what cards to arrive
Serious Motorcycle Crash Caught on Thinkware F770
How do I increase the bitrate of my Blackvue Dash cam?
New Blackvue Cloud Firmware
Troubleshooting Your Thinkware Dash cam
Insurance Discount for Dash cam-Equipped Vehicles
SD Card Memory Partitioning (Thinkware F750 and F770)
Don't Update the Firmware of the Thinkware F770
June 2016
FAQ: Will the Thinkware F750 Rear Camera work with the F770?
Dash cam Catches Lexus Dealership Stealing from our Customer
Best Parking-Mode Recording Dash cams of 2016
Connecting Korean Dash cams to the Cellink Battery B
Best Dash cam for Mac OS X Users
I Keep Gettting Door Dinged! What Can I do?
May 2016
Micro 2 Fuses Are In!
Multi-Safer vs. Power Magic Pro
Land Rover Range Rover with Eleven Cameras
Porsche Cayman GT4 Cellink/Blackvue Professional Installation
Transcend DrivePro 200 First Impression and Review
BlackboxMyCar 4-Year Anniversary Celebration!
Thinkware App Walkthrough (Dash cam Viewer)
Security Guard Lies About Accident (Thinkware F750)
Cellink Battery B for Sports Cars
Dash Cams for the Track
April 2016
Utilizing Open Wifi for the Cloud
How to Install a Rear Camera on a SUV/Hatchback
Managing Important Video Files
Customer Submission: Reckless Infiniti Driver
How to Install Cellink Battery B (2.0)
Everything You Need to Know About Cellink Battery B (2.0)
Power Options for your Dash cam
March 2016
Best Dash cams for High Heat Environments
February 2016
News: Dash cams - A Double-Edged Sword?
Customer Submission: Parking Mode Hit and Run VW GTI
Customer Submission: Witness to Red Light Runner
BlackVue C App Walkthrough
Parking Mode Accident Caught on BlackSys CH-100B
The Best Dash Cams for Long Distance Travel
BlackSys CH-100B Vs. Blackvue DR650GW-2CH
January 2016
Utilizing 2 Types of Technology in One Small Form Factor: Dash cams with GPS
Blackvue 3-Channel Setup
Blackvue App Walkthrough
Is my Coaxial Cable Broken? (Blackvue Rear Camera Issues)
Mirror Knocked Off by a Truck (BlackSys CH-100B)
How to get a 64GB+ MicroSD to work with Macs (Mac OSX, 10.10, Yosemite)
Honda Accord Cellink + BlackSys CH-100B
Blackvue Cloud Setup Video
How do I get my Blackvue Cloud code?
BlackSys App Walkthrough
Power Magic Pro Setup and Tips
How To Mount Your Dash cam (No Matter the Climate)
December 2015
Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86 2 Channel Dash cam Installation
Customer Submission: Hit and Runs into another car
Tesla Model S 2 Channel Install
BMW 428i BlackVue DR650GW 2CH Install
Customer Submission: Hit and Runs Into Another Car
Ford F-150 BlackSys CH-100B 2 Channel Install
Dash cam: Holiday Gift Guide!
Price Changes at Checkout?
November 2015
Dash cam: Holiday Gift Guide!
Toyota Corolla BlackSys CH-100B 2 Channel Installation
MYTH: Dash cam Cost vs. Car Value
Dash cams! Why Buy One?
BMW Battery Discharge and Cellink Battery B
IMPORTANT: Blackvue Firmware Updates (DR650GW-1CH and DR650GW-2CH)
Uber Driver Defends Himself From Drunk Passenger
Common Dash cam WiFi Issues
Dash Cam Mounts! Adhesive Tapes or Suction Cups Mounts!
2015 Rav-4 2 Channel Dash Cam Install (BlackSys CH-100B)
Follow Up: Sienna vs. PT Cruiser
October 2015
Who is at Fault? Dash cam Footage and Poll
Woman gets enraged after Hitting Car!
Blackvue Cloud WiFi Feature
Car Battery Solutions for Parking Mode Dash cams!
Tips to keep your dash cam running optimally!
Updated Dash Cam Comparison Chart!
Blacksys CH-100B WiFi and External Power
Cellink Battery B 2.0 Generation!
September 2015
Korea Round 2!
Dash Crab Mono Review
License Plates in Dash Cam Footage
Cellink Battery B 1.5 Generation!
What SD Cards Do We Recommend?
August 2015
Who are CAMMSYS/Blacksys?
Latest Dash Cam Reviews!
Skyview G1 Facelift and Koonlung Miata
Parking Mode and Supercars
July 2015
Recent News Events...
BlackboxMyCar Troubleshooting Guide
And the Amazon.com Plot Thickens (Good Laugh Inside)
Koonlung Comparison Chart!
Toyota 4Runner 2 Channel Dash Cam Installation
2015 Mercedes C63 S AMG Install
The Amazon "Black Box" Saga Continues...
June 2015
Best Dash cams under $200
Parking Mode by Motion Detection ... What's That?
Father's Day Gift Ideas
Memory Cards!
Skyview Mirror Dash cam
WiFi Dash Cams
May 2015
New Blackvue Single Channel Dash cam!
Customer Reviews! (Blackvue DR650GW-2CH)
Dash cam Best Buys
Fleet and Commercial Vehicle Recommendations
To our American Customers!
Firmware Update for Blackvue DR650GW-2CH
BlackboxMyCar.com Dash Cams for Adjusters and Ambulances!
Cellink Battery Expansion Pack
BlackboxMyCar and Team Formulary 1!
Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Truck Now Available! 
Cobra Dash Cam Comparison
New Dash Cam Tailored for the Commercial Truck Market!
BlackboxMyCar is Officially on Twitter! 
Jan - April 2015
PSA: Warranty on G1W from Ebay/Amazon Sellers 
Celebrating a Month of Clientele Milestones
Introducing the eCELL Focus 2 Channel Dash cam!
Scam Alert: Malaysian Company - Sea Doo
Alex's Interview on a Rollover Incident Caught on Dash Cam
CBC/CTV/CKNW Interviews  
Hardwire Install on Toyota Rav4
BlackboxMyCar Goes to Korea
World's First LTE Dash cam - Get a text message when you get hit
Video: Police rear-ends vehicle and tries to justify it
2 Year Anniversary at BlackboxMyCar
Video: Hit and Stay - Man hits parked car, and acts like nothing happened
BlackboxMyCar - 2013 Year End Report