Dash Cam WiFi Password Guide

Nowadays, more and more dash cams offer WiFi connectivity as an alternative to having an LCD screen in order to keep the size of the camera down. Our most popular WiFi dash cam models allow the user to change the password, although we don't typically recommend doing this on all models. We wanted to put together a guide that will go through how to change the password, reset the password, and whether you should bother changing the password.

Dash Cam Default WiFi Password
BlackVue DR650 Series blackvue (all lower case)
BlackSys CH-100B 11111111 (number 1 eight times)
Thinkware F770 123456789 
LG Innotek LGD521 00000000 (number 0 eight times)

Generally speaking, we like to keep the WiFi password as the default to avoid any connectivity issues. For the BlackSys, Thinkware, and LG we recommend leaving it as the default as the WiFi requires physically hitting a button to turn on. There's no real security or privacy gained in this case since if the person has access to the WiFi button, they also have access to steal the SD card altogether. For BlackVue dash cams however, those that are using the Over the Cloud feature (on by default) should change their password as the WiFi is always on, even when the vehicle is parked. If you are not using the Over the Cloud feature, you can turn off this feature called WiFi Autorun which will keep WiFi off unless the WiFi button is pressed. We recommend doing this not only for privacy but also that it reduces power consumption in parking mode so you can get more recording time.

Dash Cam How to Reset WiFi Password
BlackVue DR650 Series Put the Micro SD Card in the computer and start up the BlackVue desktop viewer. Open the settings menu in the viewer app and go to the "WiFi & Etc." tab where you can type in a new WiFi network name and password. Hit save & close and put the card back into the camera.
BlackSys CH-100B Put the Micro SD card in the computer and start up the BlackSys desktop viewer. Open the settings menu by hitting the gear icon and go to the additional tab to type in a new password. Click save after and put the card back into the camera.
Thinkware F770 With the camera on, hold the "REC" and "Format" button together at the same time. This will reset all your settings to default so make sure to go through all the settings again. This will reset the password to 123456789
LG LGD521 Hold the multi-key button for 9 seconds until the camera beeps/rings 3 times. Release the button after this and you should hear it continue to ring, click it again and it will say "turning off" and reset the camera to the default settings

Other Tips

  • On cameras like the BlackSys, don't set the password as something you use for your other personal accounts. If someone puts the card in their computer, they can see what your saved password is.
  • If your WiFi signal is not showing up, there may be interference with other WiFi networks in your area. You can verify this by going to a relatively empty area without a lot of WiFi networks.
  • On the BlackVue cameras, if you are not using the Cloud feature, turn off WiFi auto-run to reduce power consumption and increase parking mode recording times.