Celot Nu-Black Light First Impressions

Nu-Black Light simple matte plastic body has a shape similar to a forward collision sensor

*Note: we no longer carry the Secondary unit, as it has been discontinued*

The Celot Nu-Black Light is a brand new type of product that takes automotive security to the next level that we're excited to review. It provides powerful illumination in the event of a low light impact when parked where a dashcam might not see clearly enough on its own. Install is simple with a supplied hardwiring kit for the front unit and a single connecting cable that powers the optional rear/secondary unit. It has a triangular profile and is constructed with a matte black plastic which blends in with the rearview mirror of most cars quite nicely. When mounted I find the look to be similar to some of the forward collision sensors found on newer cars. The secondary unit has no buttons and the front simply has 3 buttons (shock level, night level, and emergency) and 3 indicator LED’s.

Front unit (right) has 3 buttons to change settings and both units have 3 corresponding LED indicators

Digging deeper into the packaging we found Celot's Korean only user manual which provided limited insight as even BlackboxMyCar's resident Korean speaker struggled at deciphering it! We're going to try and understand this gadget by reporting on our first-hand experiences so stay tuned for a full video walkthrough and product demonstration. From what we can gather, the first button starting from the right, "Emergency mode", is a function that enables a strobe-like flash to alarm anyone loitering around the vehicle. The middle button, "Night Level", allows the user to change between 6 levels of light sensitivity with 1 flash of the middle LED being the most sensitive meaning it will trigger even in environments that aren't that dark. The leftmost button, "Shock Level" has 5 levels of adjustment and allows the user to configure the Celot to their desired G-sensor shock sensitivity level.

The 8 bright LEDs on the Celot Nu-Black Light blinded us many times while trying to get some product shots

The user manual implies that there are many more settings and functions to work with but we'll leave that for our in-depth review. On the surface though it seems straightforward enough to set up and use as secondary illumination when your vehicle is switched off and parked in a dark area. Every dashcam loses significant video quality at night, particularly when the headlights are off, and a gadget like this might really help in a hit and run scenario. We're looking forward to doing a full test of the Celot Nu-Black Light and found out all the nuances of this unique automotive security product.