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BlackVue DR770X-2CH IR Dash Cam vs. Samsara CM32 Fleet
Dash Cam Comparison Review

If you’re working in industries such as Construction, Engineering, Security, Food & Service, Hospitals, Universities, and the Government – your company most likely has a fleet of vehicles that help your workforce get goods and people from point A to point B. And to make sure that they get the job done every day, there’s someone assigned to be on top of it, also known as the fleet manager.

As the fleet manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the schedules are being met, while also monitoring the behaviour and performance of the trusted drivers. However, when bad situations such as road accidents, traffic violations, or unprofessional driving habits happen, fleet managers can only do so much, especially when they’re miles away – unless there is a dash cam installed in the vehicle.

So, in this article, we will talk about two dash cams specifically designed for fleets – the BlackVue DR770X-2CH IR dash cam and the Samsara CM32. Let’s see if these camera systems are feature-packed enough to give the fleet managers, and companies a more efficient workforce, while still ensuring active protection and surveillance while out on the road.

BlackVue DR770X-2CH IR dash cam vs. Samsara CM32 Design

The BlackVue DR770X-2CH IR dash cam and Samsara CM32 boast two-channel configuration systems, particularly covering the vehicle’s front and the interiors. This is highly useful for capturing the traffic ahead while also ensuring to record what’s happening inside the vehicle – whether they want to monitor the driver, the passenger or the load.

While BlackVue has a tubular-shaped main unit – now with a new Touch Sensor for triggering Manual Event videos, Samsara features a flat rectangular-shaped front and interior camera. When installing these dash cams, both can be mounted on the windshield via adhesive. However, we think BlackVue’s front and interior cameras are more discreet and safe, especially with its tamper-proof case compatibility. If you have a commercial fleet of cameras and drivers are not permitted to remove footage from the cameras, a BlackVue’s tamper-proof case can prevent unauthorized access to the dash cam's micro SD card.

Know more about the BlackVue Tamper-Proof Case here.

BlackVue DR770X-2CH IR

Samsara CM32

BlackVue DR770X-2CH IR dash cam vs. Samsara CM32 Image Quality and Video Recording

We tried looking for Samsara CM32 sample dash cam videos online and have seen quite a limited number around, compared to when we searched for BlackVue DR770X sample footage videos, which have a lot of references.

We have tested the DR770X ourselves, and we love how superior the videos are thanks to its Full HD 2MP Sony STARVIS sensors for both front and interior cameras. We tried to dig into the image sensors used by Samsara, but the company didn’t mention anything about it. It’s interesting why such a feature isn’t stated on Samsara’s dash cam’s specifications, especially since we all know how crucial the image sensors are for footage, and how a better image sensor with capturing fine details like license plates, and night vision.

BlackVue DR770X-2CH IR

Samsara CM32

BlackVue is a true Sony STARVIS user, the top-tier brand. Moreover, the footage is clearer and crisper due to the upgraded SigmaSTAR CPU and ISP tuning software, while also recording in higher frame rates up to 60 frames per second and wider FOV with 139-degrees for its front camera.

On the other hand, the Samsara CM32 only captures Full HD at 30 frames per second for the 121-degree front, and only HD 720P for the 177-degree interior camera. The image sensors used are also not as reliable as BlackVue’s Sony STARVIS, which is a true world leader in digital imaging technology.

BlackVue DR770X-2CH IR dash cam vs. Samsara CM32 Parking Mode

Now, let’s talk about parking mode. Parking mode is a need for fleet vehicles, especially those trucks and vans that travel for the long haul – state-to-state deliveries for example. Parking mode serves as a 24/7 on-call security camera not only just for your vehicle, but for your driver and passenger safety as well. The moment your dash cam detects motion or impact, it will record the incident and provide you with sufficient evidence, without blaming who’s who.

With the BlackVue DR770X-2CH IR dash cam, Parking Mode can be activated by simply hardwiring the dash cam to the fleet vehicle’s power source. The hardwire kit? It’s already included in the purchase, making the installation simple to your fusebox, compatible with 12V and 24V vehicle batteries. With this, the dash cam will switch to Parking Mode automatically when vehicle ignition is turned off, and a voltage cutoff and timer can be set in the BlackVue App for safety. It’s equipped with motion and impact detection, time-lapse, and buffered recording which records before and after an event, giving you a full view of the scene. If you wish to extend parking modes, the BlackVue DR770X-2CH IR is compatible with dash cam battery packs like the B130-X or the BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8. Unfortunately, due to connectivity concerns, dash cam battery packs may not be compatible with the Samsara CM32.

As for, the Samsara CM32, it doesn’t come with a Hardwiring Kit, but instead has the option of a Vehicle Gateway, which connects via OBD-II. This Vehicle Gateway can be set up as an integrated wifi hotspot, in the same way as an LTE module for BlackVue.

BlackVue DR770X-2CH IR

Samsara CM32

BlackVue DR770X-2CH IR dash cam vs. Samsara CM32 Convenience Features

Both the BlackVue and Samsara systems are premium systems, so fleet managers can expect a whole lot of features from them. Both dash cams have access to the Cloud – the BlackVue Cloud and Samsara Cloud. Just like any other Cloud service, they automatically upload the recorded videos to the Cloud where fleet managers can view them. However, there are differences.

BlackVue Cloud for the DR770X-2CH IR dash cam has features like Push Notifications, Remote Live View, Data Analysis and Reporting, Two-Way Voice Communication, Auto Event Upload, Event Map features and GPS tracking. Samsara CM32 has fewer features, only having Auto Event Upload, Live Scene Analysis and Voice Guidance – all present in the BlackVue Cloud.

Additionally, the BlackVue DR770X-2CH IR is compatible with an optional 4G LTE connectivity thru the CM100G LTE for instant Cloud access and Wi-Fi connection for your dash cam and other gadgets like smartphones and tablets. All you need is a nano SIM card - it is compatible with SIM cards from AT&T, T-Mobile, Telus, Rogers and Bell, including their MVNOs. Samsara’s Vehicle Gateway system also allows mobile hotspot, although you have to purchase this hardware and sign up for a subscription.

BlackVue DR770X-2CH IR’s Cloud features can be accessed on the App for free, although if you use this for more than one vehicle, there are two subscription options you can choose from – Smart and Fleet. The Smart Plan’s starting price is $11.99 a month, and can accommodate up to 3 dash cams maximum. The Fleet Plan costs as low as $24.99 a month, and can accommodate up to 999 dash cams. While extra fees may apply for additional dash cams, the price is still lower compared to Samsara’s.

And how much does Samsara’s subscription cost? Let’s find out.

BlackVue DR770X-2CH IR

Samsara CM32

BlackVue DR770X-2CH IR dash cam vs. Samsara CM32 Pricing

Now we come to the last part, which is a major purchasing factor – pricing. The BlackVue DR770X-2CH IR dash cam has a starting price of only $429.99 USD for the dash cam and all the features in it, including the initial BlackVue Cloud service with Push Notifications, Remote Live View, Two Way Communication, Live Event Upload and 5GB storage.  

Meanwhile, the Samsara CM32 doesn’t sell their dash cams on a one-time payment, as they will require you to sign a contract with them and have you locked in for a minimum of 3 years. Therefore, with Samsara, you’re most likely to pay $27 to $33 USD per month, with an additional payment for each Driver ID and another additional starting price of $130 USD for the Vehicle Gateway. $27 on a 3 year plan equates to $972, quite the scary prospect, especially once you’re locked into their plan.

Final Verdict: Which is better? BlackVue DR770X-2CH IR dash cam vs. Samsara CM32

The Samsara CM32 is a popular fleet-driving solution that gives fleet managers and businesses the peace of mind they need regarding their vehicle safety. Little did they know, they can get better and longer peace of mind when they choose the BlackVue DR770X-2CH IR Dash Cam.

Aside from wider angles and better video resolution with Sony STARVIS and 60 FPS, the BlackVue DR770X-2CH IR is also built with superior features like Parking Mode, Built-in Wifi and GPS, BlackVue Cloud, and Supercapacitors.

Best of all, it doesn’t require and force you to have a contract with them, as you get to buy the whole dash cam in a one-time purchase. So in terms of reliability and long-term usage, we believe that BlackVue will bring a bigger return for your fleet dash cam investment.

Visit our dedicated page to learn more about how you can get the best deals for your fleet.