BlackVue DR650S-2CH Firmware Update

We recommend doing firmware updates if you are experiencing stability issues with your dash cam. That being said, if there are no problems with your dash cam, it's best to leave it as is. The latest firmware for the Blackvue DR650S-2CH can be downloaded from Blackvue's site here. Make sure to verify the correct model and language for your device as there are many other dash cams on the Blackvue site. 

To update the firmware, follow the steps below:

1. Download and unzip the correct firmware file from Blackvue's website by right clicking the compressed folder.

Extract Firmware

2. Insert the card from your camera into your computer and format it to FAT32, we recommend doing the firmware update on a 16 or 32GB card. 

Blackvue micro sd format

3. Copy the unzipped folder titled "Blackvue" onto the freshly formatted card. Make sure not to copy just the individual folders or the entire unzipped folder (titled "") to the card as the camera will not apply the firmware update. 

Blackvue folder copy

4. Insert the card into your camera and start the car with the camera plugged in. It should say "upgrading" and flash the lights on the rear of the camera. Once the update is complete it will initialize the SD card and start normal recording.

5. You can verify the firmware version afterwards by plugging the card into the computer and starting up the Blackvue desktop viewer

blackvue viewer firmware version