BlackVue DR470-2CH Review

Nowadays it seems that most customers looking for a higher end dash cam wants to go with a 2 channel system rather than just the 1-channel. It's not hard to see why as the small increase in price, typically less than $100, for double the coverage is a pretty good value. That being said, many budget 2 channel systems only offer low bitrate 720P recording on the front and perhaps even VGA resolution on the rear which isn't really good enough for most consumers. BlackVue's initial offering with the DR430-2CH, offered front video quality that we didn't really feel was good enough when systems like the BlackSys CH-100B that were not a lot more but offered much better features and video quality. With BlackVue's new DR470-2CH  though, the price has not gone up significantly but the video quality is much better on the front camera. 

BlackVue DR470-2CH Review

Recording Quality

The DR470-2CH offers Full HD front and HD rear video resolution, similar to the flagship DR650S-2CH. The video quality is not quite as good as the front camera lacks a Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor, however overall we felt the DR470-2CH was still pretty good for the price thanks to the relatively high 10 + 5 Megabits per second bitrate. The rear camera is essentially identical to the top-of-the-line DR650S-2CH but like that camera, the night time video on the rear isn't the best. For those that have a tinted rear window, we recommend checking out the LG Innotek LGD521 or the Thinkware F770 which have better rear cameras, these models are quite a bit more money though.


As far as features go, the DR470-2CH is a fairly simple device that is best-suited for "set it and forget it" users. The design is very sleek and with a minimalist compact matte black body that most users will find quite attractive. The downside to the minimalist design is that there are no buttons on this device so you can't format the card, turn the microphone on/off, or trigger manual event recording. This camera also doesn't offer WiFi or a screen so the only way to access settings and videos is through the Micro SD card which requires a computer. We recommend checking out the BlackSys CH-100B if features like WiFi and the added convenience of buttons are important to you. We can see the simplicity of the DR470-2CH being attractive for some customers though.

Parking Mode

The main selling feature for the DR470-2CH will be the pre-buffered parking mode recording by motion or shock detection that BlackVue is known for when paired with a dedicated hardwiring kit or battery pack. Motion detection can be activated by either front or rear cameras and when that happens a clip with the 5 seconds before the triggering event and 55 seconds after would be written to the memory card. Another unique feature of the DR470-2CH would be its lockable memory card flap which may make it a perfect choice for fleet managers. A small padlock can be added over the flap through the loop on the side which would prevent deleting of files on the memory card or changing of any settings. It may also make the camera more difficult to steal as the padlock would resist the separation of the camera from the mount.


We feel that the DR470-2CH is a much better value when compared to the lower end DR430-2CH. The video quality is good and the 2 channel coverage is very appealing at this price point. As an alternative to a higher end WiFi and GPS equipped 1-channel parking mode dash cam, this model might make sense for someone who won't take advantage of these extra features. If you can get over the fact that you need to take the card out to format, there's definitely a good value proposition with the BlackVue DR470-2CH dash cam!