BlackVue C App Walkthrough

This is our walkthrough of the BlackVue C App available for iOS and Android devices. For our walkthrough images we are using screenshots of  the iOS version of the application, but it will be ok as the Android version is laid out in a very similar fashion. 

Connecting to WiFi: 

1. Power on your DR650GW and hit the WiFi button (Circular button on the side, next to the 12 volt power connector).

2. Verify that WiFi is on by looking at the blue WiFi logo. Wait for the blinking to stop before attempting to connect through the WiFi app. If you see that this light is on, but it isn't discover-able in your phone settings, please hit the WiFi button again until you hear "WiFi on" and wait 30 seconds. If it still doesn't work, do a power cycle by unplugging the power cable, and plugging it back in once the camera is fully off (when all the lights are off)



3. Connect to the WiFi app in the settings of your phone as you would a normal WiFi connection. The default password is "blackvue" (all lower case letters).

4. After you've connected to the WiFi and can see in your settings that it's connected to your BlackVue, open up the app downloaded from the Appstore/Play Store.


BlackVue C App Home Screen

From the App's home screen there are several options, click the links below to see more!