BlackSys CH-100B 2CH Long Term Review

We wanted to take this opportunity to talk about the BlackSys CH-100B based on our long term testing and the experiences of our customers. It's been about a year since we first started carrying the BlackSys CH-100B 2 Channel Dash Cam which we brought it in as an alternative 2 Channel device to the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH. However since then BlackVue has updated their 2-CH to the DR650S-2CH which has a new firmware and improved video quality.

Also during this 1-year period, we added the Thinkware F770 to our lineup which offers high bitrate Full HD on both front and rear channels. That being said, both of these devices are significantly more expensive than the BlackSys and we believe the CH-100B still represents the best value in the 2-channel marketplace. Here are some of the nuances we've found with the BlackSys CH-100B

What we like:

Infinite Memory Card Partition Settings

Memory card partitioning is an excellent features found on certain Korean dash cams. By dedicating separate folders for specific video types, important videos are less likely to get looped over by insignificant videos. This has been a problem with the BlackVue lineup as all the videos get thrown into the same folder and will get looped over as long as the camera is running for an extended period of time. When customers don't notice that their car has been hit until a few days later, the BlackSys does a much better job of safekeeping this clips.

Separate Motion Detection Channels

Most of our 2-channel dash cams will record both front and rear video when one channel's motion detection is triggered. With BlackSys CH-100B, only the channel that is activated will record. This saves a significant amount of memory card space which is important to prevent looping over important videos. Particularly in cases where the vehicle is backed up against the wall, the BlackSys might use half as much memory card space compared to a BlackVue 2-channel system.

Silent Operation

The BlackSys has very clear audio alerts that announce when the camera switches between driving/parking modes and when the G-sensor/event is triggered. That being said, some of our customers like a very stealthy option that doesn't make sounds on startup and the BlackSys is capable of doing this. This reduces the distractions for the driver, but also can be useful if the car is being driven by someone other than the owner. In some cases where an employee is driving the car, they may be alerted by the audio prompts and tamper with the device.

High Temperature Tolerance/Reliability

Over the year of carrying this device, we have yet to see one come back due to heat related failure. This is a testament to the build quality and heat management of the BlackSys CH-100B. In climates that do get extremely hot, there is a high temperature cutoff of 75°C/167°F to protect internal components. We've only had to RMA a small number of BlackSys devices overall and the defective rate has been well under 0.5%.

What we don't:

SD Card Compatibility

We have found the BlackSys to be picky about which SD cards work well with it. Certain models of SD cards can cause choppy video recording or hanging. We recommend going with the Lexar lineup of cards as the factory BlackSys 16/32GB cards are also made by Lexar and would have the best compatibility. For Mac users, formatting a 64 or 128 GB card is also a bit more complicated, BlackVue cameras also suffer from this issue. The Thinkware lineup is plug and play with Mac computers even with the 128GB size and would be the preferred choice for Mac users.

Limited Rear Camera Adjustment

The rear camera on the BlackSys can only be rotated about 90 degrees, for 99% of users this is not a problem but for those who want to use the BlackSys as an interior facing camera, such as rideshare drivers, the camera is a little difficult to mount. BlackVue and Thinkware rear cameras can be rotated 360 degrees so they are considerably more flexible for these unique applications. We do like the fact that the BlackSys rear camera is very small and the LED can be turned off though.

720P Rear Camera

Next to Thinkware's 2-channel dash cam lineup, the BlackSys CH-100B's rear camera is a little disappointing. The lack of a Sony CMOS sensor and the lower resolution means night time video in particular is nowhere near as clear as the F770 or X550 from Thinkware. That being said, the rear video quality has still proven to be useful for a number of our customers.

If you have any questions about the DR650S-2CH, be sure to contact us with some details of your commuting style, familiarity with hardwire installs, vehicle model and any other information that may be relevant, and we can help you make a decision.