Become a Dealer

Looking to become a dealer of our products? BlackboxMyCar has the solutions to cater all of your potential needs. We have vast experience in providing services and products on a broad spectrum, having partnered up with dealers of all kinds across North America, including car dealerships, auto accessory stores and car audio shops. Please send us an inquiry via our contact form or give us a call at 1-888-978-6560; we’re always welcoming of new members.

When you become our dealer, you can be rest assured that we will take care of you - please take a look here to see why we're North America's largest authorized dashcam supplier. The biggest difference when dealing with us is that we specialize in dashcams and can provide you with all the customer and technical support that you need, unlike other sources who have a vast array of different products. With our direct relationship with these product manufacturers we’re able to provide wholesale pricing and, just as importantly, we have the most complete and extensive warranty, customer and technical support even after the sale.

Some of our most popular dealer units include the Thinkware F770BlackVue DR650SBlackVue DR3500BlackSys CH-100B and Thinkware F50.