BlackSys CH-200 2-CH WiFi Dash Cam
BlackSys CH-200 2-CH WiFi Dash Cam
BlackSys CH-200 2-CH WiFi Dash Cam
BlackSys CH-200 2-CH WiFi Dash Cam
BlackSys CH-200 2-CH WiFi Dash Cam
BlackSys CH-200 2-CH WiFi Dash Cam
BlackSys CH-200 2-CH WiFi Dash Cam
BlackSys CH-200 2-CH WiFi Dash Cam
BlackSys CH-200 2-CH WiFi Dash Cam
BlackSys CH-200 2-CH WiFi Dash Cam

BlackSys CH-200 2-CH WiFi Dash Cam

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  • Summary

    Disclaimer: Orders bundled with the Cellink NEO will come with both the direct hardwire kit as well as cigarette input cables.

    The CH-200 is the flagship 2 channel dash cam from the renowned Korean dash cam manufacturer BlackSys. It builds upon the success of the CH-100B by offering significant upgrades to the internals while keeping the body just as small and resilient in high heat environments. It is a market leader offering Full HD recording on both front and rear cameras with dual Sony EXMOR sensors, while most of its competitors still only offer 720P on the rear. Compared to its predecessor, the CH-100B, the CH-200 offers much better video quality at a higher bitrate as well, furthermore the transition to .MP4 files makes it much more user-friendly for iPhone and Mac users. Additional features like driver safety systems, larger micro SD support, and time lapse recording are welcome upgrades as well.

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    Click here, for a comparison between the CH-100B and the CH-200!

    BlackSys CH-200 Front Dash Cam BlackSys CH-200 Rear Dash Cam Cigarette Power cable BlackSys Hardwire Kit Wire Holding Clips (x5) Selected Micro SD Card User Manual 1 Year Warranty
  • Videos

    Check out our full review for the BlackSys CH-200! If you have additional questions, please feel free to email us.

    Comparison: CH-200 vs. CH-100B
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    Rear Ended: Distracted Driver
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    CH-200 Time Lapse Mode
  • Features

    Dual Channel Full HD Recording

    Sony IMX322 Sensors Front & Rear

    WiFi Connectivity

    Parking Mode Recording

    Best High Heat Dash Cam

    Configurable Partitioning

    Advanced Driver Assistance System

    Time Lapse Mode

    .MP4 File Format

    Expandable Memory

  • Specifications

    Resolution Front: Full HD @ 30 FPS (1080P) | Rear: Full HD @ 30 FPS (1080P)
    GPS Included
    Parking Mode (CCTV Mode) Built-In
    G-Sensor Built-In
    Wide Angle View Front: 135° | Rear: 130°
    Operating Temperature -20 ~ 70°C / -4° ~ 158°F
    Loop Recording
    Maximum SD Card 128GB
    Wi-Fi Built-In
    Microphone Built-In
    Speaker Built-In
    File Format .MP4
    Country of Origin South Korea
    Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Optional Accessories

    • Cellink NEO Battery Pack

      The new Cellink NEO improves upon the Cellink B by extending its battery life and providing data through its Smartphone app. The Cellink NEO is capable of charging even faster at about 45 min through direct hardwire.

    • BlackboxMyCar Add-A-Fuse/Fuses

      These are the perfect accessory for any hardwire installation. Two are needed for the Power Magic Pro while one is needed for the Cellink battery

    • Dash Cam Mount

      Extra mount for your 2nd or rental car.

    • Power Cable

      6 metre long, 12V power cable for your dash cam.

    • BlackSys 2-Channel Connecting Cable

      Do you need another connecting cable? We have replacement ones cables available, here!

    • Mounting Tape

      Specifically designed for this dash cam.

    • Mounting Clip

      Mounting clips to hide your wires easy.

  • Extended Coverage

    Extended Coverage Total Coverage Price
    Initial Coverage 12 MONTHS FREE
    +6 Months 18 MONTHS $59.99
    +12 Months 24 MONTHS $99.99