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    With the launch of our new BlackSys CH-200, we know that many of you are interested in upgrading to the latest and greatest model. We want to help streamline the process by helping you avoid trying to sell your old unit, expensive shipping costs, and the hassle of reinstalling the dash cam. We’ve put together some options that we believe will be the easiest way to trade in your CH-100B. We are able to offer this as we’ve partnered with BlackSys to take in those older CH-100B units at a great price

    Note: order not valid with clearance/open box BlackSys CH-100B units

    What you'll be getting:

    • The necessary components to upgrade to the BlackSys CH-200 without uninstalling your existing hardwire and rear camera cables
    • A return label to send your CH-100B back and free ground shipping on your new CH-200
    • Option to add the GPS Mount to your existing setup for speed/location tracking and ADAS features (new to the CH-200!)
    • A brand new Micro SD card as your old one may be nearing the end of its lifecycle.
    • A full 1 year warranty on the CH-200, even if your CH-100B is out of warranty!

    Offer Details

    Here we've detailed some requirements to meet in order to take advantage of this unique offer

    Please be sure to Format the SD card before using it in a new unit.

    • You must have purchased the CH-100B from BlackboxMyCar either on our website, our Amazon store, or in-person
    • Your CH-100B must be in good working condition with no obvious markings and no modifications made to the body
    • In the rare case that your unit is not in good working condition, we will deduct the necessary cost from your deposit

    What we need back:

    • BlackSys CH-100B Front and Rear Camera
    • Front camera mount, ONLY if you want to upgrade from a non-GPS to GPS mount

    What we don’t:

    • CH-100B box and manual
    • Original Micro SD Card
    • CH-100B hardwire kit and rear camera cable

    We have two options available for the upgrade process

    Option 1: Checkout with the standard upgrade option and pay the upgrade fee. Our shipping team will send a return label to your email. Send back your CH-100B using the return label and your own packaging. Once we receive your old camera, we’ll ship out the new one!

    The turnaround time with this option may be 10-14 business days, during this time you will not have a dash cam. Express shipping on the replacement unit is available for an additional cost.

    Option 2: Pay a deposit for the CH-200 in advance. We’ll ship you your new unit first and send you a return label as well. Once you receive the new CH-200, you can send the CH-100B back for a partial refund of your deposit. Note that if any parts are missing, they will be deducted from the refund amount*

    With this option, you can use your CH-100B in the meantime while you wait for the CH-200 to arrive.

    *The amount deducted will be $200 for a missing front camera, $50 for a missing rear camera, and $25 for a missing mount (if applicable)

  • The CH-200 Advantage

    Here’s a chart with some key upgrades between the CH-200 and CH-100B. We also have a detailed written comparison available here

    Comparison chart: CH-100B Versus CH-200


    Brand New CH-200 BlackSys CH-100B
    Resolution Front: 1080P | Rear: 1080P Front: 1080P | Rear: 720P
    Recording Bitrate Front: 9 Mbps | Rear: 7 Mbps Front: 6 Mbps | Rear: 4 Mbps
    Video Processor Ambarella A12 ARM Cortex A8
    Recording File Format .MP4 .AVI
    Expandable Memory Up to 256GB Up to 128GB
    ADAS (if GPS included)
    Time Lapse Mode

    Sample Videos

    Comparison: CH-200 vs. CH-100B
    Sample: CH-100B Day
    Sample: CH-200 Day & Night

Option 1

Option 2