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Test Blog

Test Blog

Here at BlackboxMyCar, we're always testing dash cams and accompanying accessories in order to keep up to date in the community and to provide our customers with the best available products. In the past, we have steered away from Sandisk cards as they have proven to be unreliable and incompatible for dash cams, but this notion has completely changed with the introduction of the new SanDisk Ultra A1.

This memory card was launched in late 2017 and designed primarily for smartphone use. It has significantly higher random read and writes than regular cards while sustaining a minimum write speed of 10MB/s. All this sounds good but what does it mean for dash cams? Well, after months of testing in different high-end dash cams, we found that these cards can hold up in use with no issues whatsoever. The footage was also able to be pulled from the Wi-fi/smartphone app as well from the computer directly with no lost files or corruption.

With these results, we're confident enough to say that we will be carrying the SanDisk Ultra A1 as one of our top memory card options. We will continue to run these cards in our test units and make sure they are running the way they're supposed to and will provide our customers with updated information every step of the way!

Pick up your very own SanDisk Ultra A1, here!