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Why Independent Truckers Need a Dash Cam

Why Independent Truckers Need a Dash Cam

It’s one thing to own a dash cam as a private citizen. The peace of mind it brings on the road is inherently valuable to anyone that has used a dashboard camera. However, if you’re a trucker whose entire livelihood comes from driving, owning a dash cam is nearly a necessity.

So, why would you want to have a dash cam as a trucker? There are a multitude of reasons. Road rage, accident evidence, and in-car security are just a few of the reasons to have a high-quality recording of your workspace.

When your profession involves driving across the state, province, or country, a dash cam offers confidence and protection that your memory just can’t match. If something happens on the road to cause an accident or damage to your vehicle or cargo, you can rest assured that you have video evidence of the situation that occurred.

Why Truckers Should Consider a Dash Cam

Graphic showing why independent truck drivers need dash cams

When you’re out driving on a long-haul trip with precious cargo to protect, a dash cam provides more than just a live recording that you can look back on later. It provides essential evidence of your ability to operate a large semi-truck effectively on dangerous highways.

Protect Your Livelihood

You’re different than most drivers on the road. Driving is your career, and the road is your office. Not protecting yourself from false accusations in an accident puts your livelihood at risk. Acquiring accident evidence is the most common use for dash cams. Dash cam footage consistently helps determine who’s at fault following an accident.

Most people know (or are) someone who has had to deal with conflicting witness statements and a frustrating increase in their insurance premiums when they had no fault in an accident. Protect yourself against accident opportunists with a dash cam. After all, this is your business!

In-Vehicle Security

On the road, your truck becomes a second home. The best way to secure and take care of your home on wheels is with a dash cam. Whenever you have to get out at a stop, your semi-truck is vulnerable to any passerby. With a quality dash cam, your camera will keep an eye on the inside and outside of your truck even when you aren’t around.  

Many full-featured dash cams have a setting called Parking Mode. Parking Mode is a dedicated recording mode that is designed to protect your vehicle even when the car is off. This feature allows the camera to catch events like hit and runs or vandalism while the vehicle is parked and powered off. True Parking Mode dash cams use motion detection and pre-buffered recording to improve parked recording efficiency.

Hit & Run Prevention

One of the biggest problems on the road is the inevitable hit and run. As a driver of a large vehicle, your truck becomes a major target for inattentive drivers. Sometimes those drivers panic, and you’re left to take on the repair expenses for your truck.

Once the offending driver takes off following a hit and run, it’s virtually impossible to catch them afterward. The lack of witnesses means there’s no way to find them again. If you’re in the car at the time, sometimes the shock of the situation can cause you to miss important details about the other vehicle. A dash cam never gets shaken and has a perfect memory for details and license plates. When a dash cam is watching over your truck, it can protect you from having to pay the unnecessary insurance deductibles or repair costs. Make sure the one that caused the accident is held responsible!

Perfect Dash Cams for Independent Truckers

If you’ve decided it’s time to take the plunge and outfit your rig with a dash cam of its very own, we can help! BlackboxMyCar is the largest dash cam supplier in North America and has outfitted many semi-truck drivers with their first dash cams. 

If you want to learn more about various dash cam terms and features so you can research and find a dash cam on your own, follow our Dash Cam Buyer’s Guide! You’ll get the lingo down quickly and be ready to make an informed decision for yourself.

As for specific dash cams we recommend for truckers, you can’t go wrong with the ThinkWare F800 or F800 Pro. They both offer cameras inside and outside the vehicle, as well as top-of-the-line specifications to take the hassle off your shoulders so you can focus on your work.

If you have any questions, our team is ready to take care of anything you need! Contact us anytime with questions about our products, installing your camera, or anything else you need.