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Usage of EVA Foam Pads for Viofo A119/A119S w/GPS

The Viofo A119 and Viofo A119S are adhesive based cameras that stick directly to the windshield of the vehicle. To optimize your experience for recording on playback on GPS-enabled units, we now have the EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam adhesives available here. These fit in between the GPS mount and the camera to reduce excessive vibration and movement of the mount for optimized recording.

Installation guide

1. Locate EVA foam. It should look like this and should be enclosed with your new A119/A119S (If you do not have this, you may have an older-release camera). 

2. Remove backing adhesive from EVA Foam

3. Apply the foam to camera as shown below.

4. There are pre-cut holes in the center for the GPS mount. Use a trim removal tool, pen or a toothpick to pry these out (anything sharp will suffice). 

5. Attach GPS mount over the top of the foam. Use provided adhesive to attach your camera to the windshield of your vehicle.