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Troubleshooting Your Thinkware Dashcam

Thinkware F770

With the launch of the Thinkware F770, we felt it was time to provide an updated set of troubleshooting tips for our customers. These steps are generally the same for any other dashcam, but this page will be focusing specifically on Thinkware dashcams.

Reformatting the SD card in the unit itself is something that we recommend our customers do at least once a month as it helps maintain the SD card's performance and longevity. Sometimes adjusting the settings through the WiFi app doesn't stick, and by running an in-unit format, the settings are adjusted properly and should fix the issue.

1. Reformatting the card in your unit:

  • With your SD card in the unit, press the format button.
  • Let go of the button and allow it to reformat the SD card.
  • After reformatting, the unit will restart and should go back to recording.

If the issues aren't fixed by reformatting in the unit itself, then doing so in the desktop could yield a better result, as reformatting through the viewer does a deeper format than on the unit. Wiping the SD card will remove any adjusted settings that were made on the desktop.

2. Installing the Viewer & reformatting the card in it:

  • Download the Viewer that is compatible with your computer (Mac, PC).
  • Follow the steps that the installation gives you (if it's a Mac, drag the app into the apps folder; if it's a PC, follow the instructions from the installation window).
  • Once the Viewer is installed, place your SD card into the computer and load the Viewer up.
  • When the Viewer is open, there should be an option in the settings to reformat the SD card. Click it and it should reset your SD card, wiping it clean.
With the card reformatted you can now reapply the firmware. We typically recommend reformatting the card if there seems to be a glitch with the card itself. Sometimes the glitch is with the firmware inside the unit which is when we would recommend reapplying the firmware. Definitely do contact us first before attempting a firmware application, as we would be able to guide you to the right firmware.

3. Installing New Firmware:

  • Download the firmware that you need for your model (F750, though the F770 firmware is also available on the same page).
  • Unzip the downloaded firmware (Zip file) using a program like WinRAR (Windows) or Keka (Mac).
  • Take the SD card out and insert it in your computer.
  • Format the card through the desktop viewer.
  • Copy the files from the Zip file, and place it onto the SD card.
  • After copying the files over to the SD card, insert the SD card back in your dashcam and turn the power on to apply the upgrade.
  • The dashcam will reboot automatically after applying the upgrade, and start recording.

Again, the steps for troubleshooting are generally the same for any other dashcam as well, but if you have any other questions or concerns, you can always ask us at info@blackboxmycar.com or to phone us at 1 888 978 6560.