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Thinkware Hardwire Kit (TWA-SH) Wiring Guide

The Thinkware hardwire kit, model # TWA-SH, that's compatible with all of our current Thinkware dash cams (F50, X550, F750, F770). There's a lot of conflicting information online about the installation of the Thinkware hardwire kit, which has resulted in a lot of confusion for our customers. The truth is, there's no definitive answer as the cable has been changed even over the last 6 months. Thinkware's website shows a hardwire kit with white labels for the ACC and Constant wires, and that the red wire is the ACC. 

Thinkware TWA-SH

So far, all the TWA-SH we've come across share a few similarities:

  • They all have an approximate length of 3M/10' 
  • The black wire has a C-shaped grounding spade/terminal
  • They all have a male right-angle round 12V plug that goes into the camera, NOT a USB type plug

However, the TWA-SH we've carried have differed in a few ways:

  • The number of in-line fuses; our earlier shipment only had an inline glass fuse on the constant wire, while our most recent shipment has fuses on both constant and ACC wires.
  • The wire orientation; our earlier shipment had the red as the constant (battery) wire, whereas our most recent shipment has the yellow as the constant
  • The packaging; previous TWA-SH had a black cardboard box with adhesive seals but our most recent shipment only came in a clear bulk packaging with no retail branding, labels, or seals.

If you've received a Thinkware hardwire kit and are unsure of how you should install it because you've seen conflicting information online, your best bet is to follow the labels on the wire itself. This will be the most accurate pertaining to the TWA-SH kit that you have and will give you the definitive wiring orientation for your installation. 

Thinkware TWA-SH

Here is a picture from our most recent batch of Thinkware hardwire kits, the red is the ACC or ignition switched wire while the yellow is the constant or battery wire.

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