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Thinkware F770 vs. F750

The Thinkware F770 is the latest top-tier dashcam available from corporate giant Thinkware in Korea. It is a true testament to Thinkware’s willingness to listen to customers for them to introduce the F770, which holds several improvements over the F750, including:

-A completely new unit design that is less bulky and offers more discreetness

-Cover flap on the unit that covers the wires attached 

-Clearly marked buttons that allows for manual/event recording, audio ON/OFF, SD card format, etc.

-Super Night Vision recording, which produces the best low-light video footage of all our dual-channel dashcams

-Time Lapse in parking-mode recording, which significantly reduces memory card storage space and allows for quicker playback of video footage

With these advancements and Thinkware's superb reliability, the F770 has become our best dual-channel dashcam in our entire product lineup. Please use the code August to take advantage of a $10 USD off all Thinkware F770 orders!