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Thinkware F770 Dash Cam in VW Mk7 Golf R

With all the modern safety features packed in some of today's cars, more and more owners find it difficult to find a discreet mounting position for their dash cam. Cars that feature adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, and lane departure warning tend to have large pods at the base of their mirror which would normally be an ideal position for a dashcam as it positions the camera right in the middle. One of our local Thinkware F770 customers worked around this issue by placing the camera on the actual mirror/sensor base itself. This made for a very discreet mounting solution and a neat alternative to mounting on the windshield.

VW Mk7 Golf R 2014

One downside to this mounting position is that the lens is further away from the glass so in some vehicles can result in additional glare. Also, if the camera needs to be removed it would also be more difficult to apply heat on the tape. You can slide the Thinkware F770 off of the mounting bracket and apply heat from the inside but we're not sure if this could potentially damage the sensors and plastics on the car. When the tape is normally applied to the windshield, we can safely apply heat without damaging any electronics.

Installation Pictures

Golf MK7 R

Thinkware F770 mounted very discreetly from outside

Thinkware F770 Golf GTI Mk7 R

Camera is tucked out of sunlight

Mk7 Golf R GTI TDI Dashcam

The rearview mirror blocks the camera from the driver's line of sight

Golf MK7 R GTI Rear Dash Cam

With all the wires under the trim and routed through the grommets the rear camera is cleanly installed.