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The Most Common Dash Cam Myths Busted

The Most Common Dash Cam Myths Busted

In the age of the internet, it’s easy for misconceptions to spread about certain topics. We’ve noticed there are a fair few floating around online about a subject we know a lot about: dash cams.

Here at BlackboxMyCar, we aren’t afraid to go head-to-head with some of the most prevalent myths and shoot them down. This list will go over the most common myths you’ll find online about dash cams, and we’ll break down why they’re based totally on misinformation.

MYTH #1 - Dash Cams are Illegal in the United States

This first myth is based on total falsehood, or at the very least is over a decade old in its truthfulness. Dash cams are legal in all 50 states and have been for quite a long time. The only issue you might run into is if you’re either obstructing your airbags or obstructing your view. At BlackboxMyCar, all of our dashcams are small enough to stay tucked away from your view and your vehicle’s safety features, so you run zero risk of breaking any law.

MYTH #2 - “I’m a Safe Driver. I Don’t Need a Dash Cam.”

If you consider yourself a safe driver, or you’ve never been in an accident, a dash cam can seem like an unnecessary purchase. You may never get into an accident, and if it did happen, how could a defensive driver like yourself ever be at fault anyway?

The real fact is that most of the people who own dash cams are the most defensive and protective drivers on the road. One thing you have to understand is that no matter how defensive and responsible you are while driving, you can never know who’s behind all the steering wheels around you. A good defensive driver is the perfect candidate to own a dash cam, because they understand the value of having a responsible set of eyes watching at all times while they focus on navigating treacherous roads.

MYTH #3 - “My Car Isn’t Worth Buying a Dash Cam Over”

So, your car is used, paid off, and losing value every day. Why should you invest in a dash cam for it? It’s not worth anything anyway! Well, no matter how much your car is worth, if the person you get in an accident with tries to pass the blame to you, it’s the value of their car you have to worry about. Insurance deductibles, premium hikes, and potential legal fees could all be in your future if the insurance company or police decide to take the other party’s word over yours. A dash cam can provide the evidence you need to prove that your low budget vehicle wasn’t the cause of an accident.

Take it from our previous blog post: “The take-home lesson is that dash cams have the potential to save you hundreds, if not thousands, when dealing with motor vehicle incidents, regardless of how much your car is worth.”

MYTH #4 - Dash Cams are Really Challenging to Install

For the majority of dash cams we offer, this myth just couldn’t be further from the truth! All you need is the ability to attach a suction cup or adhesive to your windshield and a free 12V adapter (cigarette lighter). They’re universal to any car with a source of power and a windshield, which most likely includes your vehicle. Look no further than the BlackVue DR450-1CH as one of our most popular, simple-to-install options for an entry-level dash cam.

If you are interested in something a little more permanent, we’ve got you covered there too. We’re always ready to help anyone get their dashcam mounted with a hardwiring kit, which takes only a little more effort to install. That effort is rewarded with a clean dash look and even more ease of use after install.

MYTH #5 - “I Can Just Use My Phone to Record While I Drive”

Simply using a phone app to transform your device into a part-time dash cam might make the most sense. After all, it’s free, right? That cost comes with much lost time and headaches, however, as you will likely struggle to get your phone app working correctly. Aside from the pain of getting a phone mounted in just the right spot and burning up your phone’s system storage, you’ll have to deal with overheating issues.

Phones just aren’t designed to handle the internal and external pressure that a quality dash cam is ready for. Dash cams are built to have swappable storage, heat resistance builds, and high-quality, wide-angle cameras that can run for hours without failing. Don’t leave your potential money-saving evidence in the hands of an unreliable phone app. 

MYTH #6 - Dash Cams are too Expensive

This may have been true years ago, but in this day and age, the dash cam market is bustling with competitive brands that have been building dashboard camera tech for years. That competition drives down the price, which means there are plenty of high-quality dash cams from trusted manufacturers under $150.

If the price isn’t as much of a deterrent as the other myths we’ve listed above, and you really love great tech, there is also a wealth of powerhouse dash cams available. If you want 4K video, GPS tracking, and other great modern-day amenities, you can always find great products north of $300 as well. Regardless of your price point, dash cams at any price will get you high-quality video and quality of life features that will ensure you never regret your purchase.