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Tesla Model S 4-Channel Thinkware F770 Install (360° Coverage!)

Many of our customers seek out a 2-Channel installation for added protection to their vehicles. However, vehicles can still be vulnerable to “door dings” and culprits can potentially get away with this side damage if they’re aren’t picked up by the cameras in the front and rear. Those seeking out the additional protection look for full 360-degree coverage that can be found in a 4-Channel setup.

In the following video, our Tesla Model S customer offers 4-channels of coverage with two sets of Thinkware F770, an excellent way of recording activity out the front and rear windows, as well as the sides in case of a door ding. A four camera setup needs a sufficient power supply to keep the cameras running in parking mode so they have Cellink Battery B + Expansion packs for continuous surveillance recording with motion detection. When the batteries are fully charged, these cameras can be powered for more than 40 hours in parking mode!

Even though the Tesla Model S is a fully electric vehicle, we would still recommend going with the Cellink Battery Pack. EVs like the Model S have a smaller battery to power their accessories in the vehicle while it is not in operation. Standard hardwire kits like the Thinkware Hardwire Kit or Multisafer can tap into this power. However, as the primary function of this battery differs to that of a regular car in which it will not need to start an engine, it lacks the additional power necessary to keep your cameras to continue recording for the optimum amount of time while parked.